Sunday, July 27, 2008

This Weedend Was a Homerun!

What did we do on Saturday that was so exciting? We met some friends here...


for dinner. Yes, we drove all the way to Todedo to eat at Tony Packos. For you non-MASH fans, Tony Packos was mentioned frequently by Klinger one of the charachters on the show. He was from Toledo and this was his favorite place to eat. There are two Tony Packos in Toledo. This isn't the original one. The original has signed hot dog buns lining the walls. All kinds of famous people have signed the buns and it is a lot of fun to wander around the restaurant looking at the autographs. We went to this particular one because it is located across from this....


After dinner we were headed to Fifth Third Field to watch the Mud Hens play the Pawtucket Red Sox. Did you know that Fifth Third has been voted the best ballpark in the minor leagues? I didn't think so but it has. The weather was perfect and the Mud Hens won. Then it was a loooong three hour drive back to Butler.

I know it seems like a long way to go for dinner and a ball game but it was sure nice to see some old friends from our Monroe days.

Jo had an equally exciting day. She went to the spa and came back this morning looking and feeling refreshed. It was a homerun weekend for all three of us!

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JP said...

The Whitecaps' feild is called Fifth Third Ballpark, too. I didn't know there were more. And in the same league.

Peej said...

it's not the same league, joni. west michigan is A, toledo is AAA... same team though, they're both Tigers farm teams.

i found it interesting that i know every single player on that board haha

Jock said...

I haven't been to either place. I went to a Mudhen's game in their old park at the fairgrounds (I think that is where they use to play).

You should recognize the names on the scoreboard since almost all of them have been with the Tigers at one point of another this summer.

megawatt miler said...

ive only been to the original tony packos-i didnt even know there was one across from the mud hens.

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