Friday, July 25, 2008

Smiles For Miles

Yes, this is what had me smiling that day. For D it was planes for me it was ice cream.


The Freep had written an article about Moomers a couple months back and I had saved it knowing I would be up there this summer. Moomers is an off-shoot of a dairy farm that is outside of Traverse City. In fact, the ice cream store is next to the dairy farm. You can watch the cows eat their green grass while you eat their ice cream.


Moomers had been voted by Good Morning America as the best ice cream in the country. Well, I couldn't take their word for it, I had to see and taste for myself. the flavor that had won was called Cherries Moobilee. I didn't need to look over the other flavors, I knew what I was ordering. The Freep also said that they frequently ran out of this flavor so just in case they were out this day I did have a back-up flavor. The person in front of me ordered Cherries Moobilee. Good sign, they must still have that flavor in stock. Uh oh, the girl behind the counter just asked one of the other workers if there was enough left for another cone. Please say yes. The stars must have been aligned just right because I had the last cone of the day of that particular flavor.


Can I just say it was some of the best ice cream I have ever had. Good Morning America viewers knew what they were talking about. I have to give it five out of five waffle cones.


Just to confirm that fact, look at the line as we left the parking lot that day.


We even saw some fruit stands later in the week that were advertising that they carried Moomers ice cream. Will be definately looking for that ice cream the next time I am back Up North.

The fun never stops for D and I. We have something fun planned for tomorrow. We will be eating at a place that some of you may have heard of but I am willing to bet you have never eaten at. I take that back, Sarah may have eaten here. We will also be attending an event that I am almost certain you have never been to either. Again, everyone but Sarah. Now that I think about it my not that much younger brother may have been to both places. One for sure.

Tune in Sunday to see whatever that could be!

5 comments....porters always have something to say!:

megawatt miler said...

you didnt tell me the waffle cone was chocolate too.

and i am very confused now on where i have eaten and what i have done...

carriegel said...

good, i like confusing you.

Jock said...

Ice cream, one of my true vices. I can eat the stuff for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

carriegel said...

you could eat this ice cream between breakfast, lunch and dinner. it's that good.

Anna & Drew's Mommy said...

We've been to Moomers a few times. We have friends who live in Sutton's Bay so we always try to get there when we visit. We're going to visit in August, that will definitely be one of our stops!

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