Sunday, July 13, 2008

The Opening Shot(s)

As most of you know my not that much younger brother and I attended our 30th FWADS reunion. The FWADS were a self-named group of guys who met in their freshman year at MTU. They lived in the same hall in Wadsworth Hall and pretty much did everything together. In fact, D lived across the hall from C-2 which is how we met. After thirty years it was time to get together again. By consensus Leland was our meeting place.

The most important concern of the group was that the "cup" would be there. At least that seemed to be D's primary worry. The cup was a small orange cup that had started out as someone's toothbrush cup. It was hijacked one night to be used in a card game and its fate was sealed. Luckily Koz had kept the cup safely in his underwear drawer all these years and it made its reappearance.

koz, mi, 6.08

The stage was set and a weekend of fun was about to begin.

fwads reunion, leelanau, mi, 6.08

Koz pouring the first shots of the weekend.

shots, leelanau, mi, 6.08

Bill enjoying his shot...

bill, leelanau, mi, 6.08


stan, mi, 6.08


dave, leelanau, mi, 6.08

Just like riding a bicycle, some things one just doesn't forget how to do.

Luckily Harvey had remembered to bring the pickled eggs from the B & B Bar in Houghton. They were and still are a crowd pleaser.

pickled eggs from houghton's b & b, 6.08

Koz enjoying one of those delicacies.

koz, mi, 6.08

We spent the afternoon catching up and just enjoying hanging out together again. Could it have really been 30 years?

fwads, mi, 6.08

And it can't be a party if Chris isn't grilling.

harvey & chris, leelanau, mi, 6.08

to be continued....

8 comments....porters always have something to say!:

JP said...

Where was dad's shot?

carriegel said...

i believe he was a weiney and was drinking water. just wait though. we still have blind baseball to get to.

curlz said...

Who cares about HIS shot. What was he grilling?

Jock said...

I don't do shots or hard liqueur for that matter.

What's blind baseball? I will deny knowing anything.

New york strip steaks, acually myself and Harvey grilled them but when Harvey wanted to cut into one of them to see if they were done I kicked him out of there. Good thing I had my digital thermometer with me.

carriegel said...

and they were very good, yum!

Anna & Drew's Mommy said...

I'm really beginning to think that the cooking gene skipped me completely. I can bake with the best, but forget cooking a real dinner. That's what I have Andy for.

carriegel said...

i'm hear you. i am a baking fiend not so much a day to day "what's for dinner" kind of cook. i'm trying though.

Jock said...

I'm not a baker but fire up the coals and I'm there. Just check out the next two night's post.

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