Thursday, July 17, 2008

I'm Not Pointing Fingers or Anything....

but if the MAN gets BBQ & coals from the shed
WOMAN cleans grill of BBQ
WOMAN goes to the greengrocer
WOMAN goes to the butcher.
WOMAN goes to the bakery.
WOMAN prepares salads and vegetables.
WOMAN prepares the different meats.
WOMAN puts all meat on a dish together with all other BBQ necessities, such as herbs etc.
WOMAN brings cleaned grill and dish to MAN, who stands there waiting while holding a beer.
MAN puts meat on the BBQ 1 by 1.
WOMAN sets table.
WOMAN checks vegetables she is cooking.
WOMAN prepares dessert.
WOMAN comes outside to tell MAN the meat on the BBQ is burning.
MAN takes burned meat off the BBQ and gives it (on a dish) to the WOMAN.
WOMAN takes plates and brings out the tableware.
MAN pours drinks.
WOMAN cleans table and makes coffee.
WOMAN serves coffee and dessert.
WOMAN cleans table again.
WOMAN does dishes and cleans kitchen.
MAN leaves BBQ be, there are still some coals burning.
MAN asks WOMAN wheter she is happy she did not have to cook today.
MAN sees WOMAN looking flabbergasted and concludes:

Like I said I'm not pointing fingers or anything, but if the bbq glove fits.....

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curlz said...

It's fittin' someone in this house!

megawatt miler said...


Jock said...

Just in case you are pointing this way let me tell you what I do almost every night...
I clean the grill, always go to the grocery store and butcher shop, make all the salads and vegetables, I prepare all the meat, rubs and marinades, cook everything, watch everything, get my own beer and clean up after myself outside. Oh I take my own pictures too.

The wife does all the baking or dessert making, sets the table, cleans the table, starts the dishwasher, and usually puts the groceries away when we get home.

That's the way she likes it and the way I like it too and it works for us.

carriegel said...

did i hit a nerve?

Shae W said...

While this was funny, I'm not sure it's very true... at least not in our house.

JP said...

This is what I have to look forward to?

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