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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Say What?

Even though I'm not in the Mitten this year for Christmas doesn't mean I can't have a little fun with you.

Last year I collected a few quotes from our Christmas celebration and I thought I would share them this Christmas with you. How good is your memory? Can you identify who said what? Give it your best shot and I'll be back with the answers in a couple of days.

Let's get started.

1. "There are two things you don't mess with: a man's peanut butter and his ketchup."

2. "I don't sleep because I'm sick; I don't sleep because I'm crazy."

3. "I quit Farmville. I've been clean for ....."

4. I'll never leave that table."

5. "This is gonna tell a lot about him boys." Bonus points if you can identify why this was said.

6. "Oh no! My house is gone!"

7. "She has her cranky eyes on."

8. This is from a Facebook posting, "I can't trust mom with my broccoli. It's all stems."

9. "I can't end in a tie. What kind of Porter would I be?"

10. "Double the water to rice. Don't f*** up the rice."

Bring back any memories?

I look forward to your guesses.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Wedding Weekend, Part Three

We woke up Saturday morning to rain. Yes, rain. An annoying rain but not the kind of rain that would ruin our day. In fact, there was the promise of clearing. Someone had told us that rain on one's wedding day is good luck. I'll take that.

The girls headed out to get their hair and makeup done. Dave and I then picked up Sarah and headed to an out-of-way spot for a late breakfast. Just the three of us and a veil. She received a lot of congratulations from the other diners in the restaurant. It was a nice way to start what was going to be a long day.

We headed back to St Mary's Inn so we all could finish getting ready. We snuck her out the back, stuffed her and her dress in the car and headed to the Basilica. Needless to say I have no photos of the wedding but from what I have seen the photographer did a beautiful job.

One of the traditions at Notre Dame is for the couple to walk around campus and have photos taken.

The wedding party in front of the Dome.


I'm anxious to see how this picture turns out. Interesting to say the least.


The rain had stopped but the ground was still wet. It was also chilly which explains the boots on Sarah's feet. Sometimes comfort comes before beauty.


The grotto.


We made our way to the library. The girls look cold don't they?



Dave sacrificed and let Tiff wear his jacket. What a guy.



Sarah and Cory heading back to the library to take the obligatory water reflection picture.


The bouquet in one hand and the train in the other. I think he may have his hands full with this girl.


to be continued....

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Wedding Weekend, Part Two

The talk since we had arrived in South Bend had been the weather. Would it rain? Would the sun shine? Would it be warm or cold?
On Friday it was beautiful. It was warmer than the day before and there was hope that on Saturday the sun would shine just as bright though the weather forecasters were predicting some rain. Time would tell. But for now we were enjoying a glorious fall day in the midwest.

the basilica, nd, 10.22.10

It was another day of errands including another stop at the bookstore. Sarah and I made a trip to the florist to see the bouquets and give approval for the final decorations. We were told that they planned on draping South Dining Hall later that day. We were beyond excited to see what they had planned.

As promised draping was done later that day. Since it was fall break the university had taken advantage of that fact and had polished the floors. It was all starting to come together.

south dining hall, 10.22,10

Because we had been given a 7:30 rehearsal time it had been decided to have the rehearsal dinner first and the wedding party would leave from there and go to practice. The next day's festivities were going to be on the formal side so it had been decided to have a casual rehearsal dinner/tailgate. Every one who was in town was invited with the request to wear attire of their favorite sports team. It just made sense to have the sport's themed rehearsal "dinner" at the Joyce Center.

The bride and her bridesmaid Tiff.

tiff & sarah, nd, 10.23.10

Rehearsal went off without a hitch. Janet, our wedding coordinator, made sure of that. She was very sure on how the wedding Mass would be conducted. Father Terry was nodding yes but in his head he was saying "no". In fact, after practice he pulled the parents aside and said he was going to make a couple changes. No need to tell Janet.

Janet said the bride and groom would sit for his homily. No they wouldn't. They would stand in front of him on the alter so he could talk straight to them. At the Sign of Peace Janet said he would stay behind the alter. When she said that I knew there was no way that was going to happen. I was right. When it was time for the final blessing of the couple at the end of Mass he wanted the parents up on the alter standing behind Sarah and Cory. It all went off the way he had planned.

rehearsal, nd, 10.22.10

rehearsal, nd, 10.22.10

All of his changes were perfect. As we were walking out after Mass I said to Janet, "He threw you a couple of surprised didn't he?" She just smiled and said, "He's wonderful". Wonderful indeed.

Practice was over and it was time to head to Legends, the on-campus restaurant and pub. It was where Cory and Sarah had first met and seemed a perfect way to end the day.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Wedding Weekend, Part One

I took a break from blogging but I'm back. For a bit anyway. With Facebook it seems like I'm just repeating myself so I don't bother to come over here as often as I used to but some things are worth repeating and our recent wedding weekend is one of them.

Dave and I, Cory and Sarah and the rest of the McElraths drove over to South Bend on Wednesday. It ended up being a long day for some of us. While we waited for the McElrath family to arrive we took Cory and Sarah out to dinner and then worked on the favors for the reception. A few M & M's may or may not have been eaten.

The next day found us all at the Joyce Center.

sarah, nd, 10.10

We were there to meet Charlie our ND coordinator for the wedding. Our guests were expecting to be fed and this was the man we needed to see.

While there we also checked out the newly renovated basketball court. We were duly impressed.

the jack, nd, 10.10

After that Dave and I decided to take a walk across campus. We lucked out and this was fall break. Although we missed the energy of having the students around we did enjoy having the campus to ourselves.

the library, nd, 10.10

nd campus, 10.10

The famous Golden Dome.

the golden dome, nd, 10.10

We also took a quick trip to the Grotto. It was really nice to have it to ourselves.

the grotto, nd, 10.10


Then it was on to the Basilica.

the basilica, 10.10

outside the basilica, nd, 10.10

I'm always surprised by the contrast of the outside of the Basilica to the inside of the Basilica. It never ceases to amaze me.

the basilica, nd, 10.10

I learned something new on this visit. This is the pavilion, or umbrella, which signifies that this church is a minor basilica. Traditionally it was used to shield the Pope from the sun or rain when he visited. I'm not sure if the Pope has any plans to visit but it's nice to know the Basilica is ready just in case.


Even the simple unadorned corners are beautiful.

the basilica, nd, 10.10

Later we enjoyed a dinner out with family and friends. Then it was back to St Mary's Inn to pack gift bags.

dreda, south bend, 10.10

gift bags, 10.10

We all fell into bed exhausted and tried to get some rest. The next day was going to be just as busy.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Be Afraid. Be Very, Very Afraid.

Dan had officially graduated.

It was a time for congratulations.


dan, villanova, 5.10

and moms topped the list.

dan and nancy, villanova, 5.10

It was a time for visiting

dan, villanova, 5.10

and posing for pictures.

dan and friends, villanova, 5.10

It was a time for one mechanical engineer to congratulate a newly- minted mechanical engineer.

dan and sarah, villanova, 5.10

It was a time to welcome our newest graduate to the world.

dan g, villanova, 5.10

Be afraid, Be very, very afraid.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I'll Drink To That

We were all seated and it was time for the formalities. Speakers are always present at such events and this was no exception.

villanova, 5.10

This year's Honorary Degree Recipient and Commencement Speaker was no other than Jamie Hyneman. He grew up on an apple orchard in Indiana and is now best known as the host of "MythBusters" which is broadcast on the Discovery Channel. My advice to him is to stick to his day job. And that's all I'm going to say about that.

j hyneman, villanova, 5.10

More speaking.


Some of us even listened.

judy, sarah, villanova, 5.10

Notice that the weather has cleared and it is finally starting to warm up.

Finally! It's time for conferring the degrees. It looks like the engineers are ready.

dan, villanova, 5.10

It looks like they're ready to celebrate. Engineers are always prepared.

villanova, 5.10

It looks like Dan is ready. Hey, hold on there a second. That is sparkling grape juice isn't it? Of course it is. What was I thinking?

dan, villanova, 5.10

Degree conferred.

villanova, 5.10

Now the business majors were not going to be outdone by the engineers. Oh no. They were going to celebrate like there was no tomorrow.

How you ask?

By throwing baby powder! Take that, engineers.

vilanova, 5.10

Katie doesn't look too thrilled at the possibility of being covered in baby powder.

katie, villanova, 5.10

Ready. Set.

villanova, 5.10


villanova, 5.10

Truth be told we were all crouching behind out chairs waiting for the baby powder to rain down on us. The business majors need to talk to the engineers because the powder just didn't fly the way I think they expected it to.

All the degree majors had their own way of celebrating but at the end of the day they all agreed on this as their final hurrah.

villanova, 5.10

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Welcome, Graduates!

Sunday dawned cold and cloudy. We were off to the official graduation that was being held in the football stadium. The proud uncle and dad led the way.


I wasn't kidding about it being cold and cloudy. Look at how we're dressed. Eventually the clouds cleared and the sun came out. It ended up being another beautiful day.


While we waited for graduation to begin Bob and Nancy had time to visit with friends.


Friends and family were in place and we only waiting for the graduates to arrive.


A Villanova nod to Notre Dame. Go Irish!


It looks like the graduates are gathered and ready.


Nancy had forgotten her telephoto lens and had asked me to get some photos of Dan leading the graduates into the stadium. Oh my, the pressure was on.

"There he is! Come over here so you can get a better view."

Where? Where? I don't see him leading the graduates.


Oops. My mistake. I was looking down the wrong aisle.

There's our graduate!



We all stood and watched as the graduates filed in.


Dan turned and held that flag while all of the 2010 Villanova graduates marched to their seats.


What's up with the cell phones? Back in the day we didn't have such things. After we were in our seats we would then spend the rest of the ceremony scanning the crowd looking for our friends and family. It certainly helped pass the time. This generation just calls and says, "I'm here".


In the meantime Dan kept holding his flag.


Eventually all of the graduates were seated and graduation was about to begin.

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