Friday, October 29, 2010

Wedding Weekend, Part One

I took a break from blogging but I'm back. For a bit anyway. With Facebook it seems like I'm just repeating myself so I don't bother to come over here as often as I used to but some things are worth repeating and our recent wedding weekend is one of them.

Dave and I, Cory and Sarah and the rest of the McElraths drove over to South Bend on Wednesday. It ended up being a long day for some of us. While we waited for the McElrath family to arrive we took Cory and Sarah out to dinner and then worked on the favors for the reception. A few M & M's may or may not have been eaten.

The next day found us all at the Joyce Center.

sarah, nd, 10.10

We were there to meet Charlie our ND coordinator for the wedding. Our guests were expecting to be fed and this was the man we needed to see.

While there we also checked out the newly renovated basketball court. We were duly impressed.

the jack, nd, 10.10

After that Dave and I decided to take a walk across campus. We lucked out and this was fall break. Although we missed the energy of having the students around we did enjoy having the campus to ourselves.

the library, nd, 10.10

nd campus, 10.10

The famous Golden Dome.

the golden dome, nd, 10.10

We also took a quick trip to the Grotto. It was really nice to have it to ourselves.

the grotto, nd, 10.10


Then it was on to the Basilica.

the basilica, 10.10

outside the basilica, nd, 10.10

I'm always surprised by the contrast of the outside of the Basilica to the inside of the Basilica. It never ceases to amaze me.

the basilica, nd, 10.10

I learned something new on this visit. This is the pavilion, or umbrella, which signifies that this church is a minor basilica. Traditionally it was used to shield the Pope from the sun or rain when he visited. I'm not sure if the Pope has any plans to visit but it's nice to know the Basilica is ready just in case.


Even the simple unadorned corners are beautiful.

the basilica, nd, 10.10

Later we enjoyed a dinner out with family and friends. Then it was back to St Mary's Inn to pack gift bags.

dreda, south bend, 10.10

gift bags, 10.10

We all fell into bed exhausted and tried to get some rest. The next day was going to be just as busy.

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