Thursday, September 25, 2008

Where's The Little One?

I had to take Jo to camp, the kennel, today because we are leaving for Houghton early tomorrow morning. As I was standing in the office talking to Pam, the owner, her young son came running in asking where the little one was. Pam told him that she was in the back. He reappeared a couple of minutes later saying he couldn't find her. She told him she would show him where she was in a couple of minutes. She then turned to me and said that he likes to roll around in the kennels with the small dogs and the "little one" he was looking for was Jo. He isn't allowed in with the big dogs but the small, friendly dogs are fair game. Lucky Jo. What can be more fun than rolling around with a small boy?

I watched Survivor tonight. I am sure my not that much younger sister will be giving a full report but I do have a couple of comments to make. If you have been watching the show for any length of time you know you should come dressed to play. What is it with these people showing up in dresses and suits? Get a clue, people. And when you are choosing your team, choose the strong ones. You need them for the challenges. Wow, these are basics so I don't know why I need to spell this out for you so called super fans.

As I am writing this USC is getting beat by Oregan State 21 to nothing. Is it going to be one of those kind of weeks because if it is maybe ND has a chance against Purdue this week. Who is Sarah rooting for this week? She is a graduate of ND but a current student of Purdue. Wow, what a choice. And Michigan plays Wisconsin. I am picking Wisconsin to win for no other reason than I like watching Michigan lose.

I will be back late Sunday hopefully with some fall color pictures.

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Jock said...

USC did loose last night. Who saw that coming? I did make a comment to mom last night that Oregon State beat USC 2 years ago so maybe just maybe it could happen twice. I didn't think it would though.

Michigan will be interesting, maybe an upset in the making. If Wisconsin can't throw the ball they may have trouble scoring. I think in the end Wisconsin's fat men up front will wear down Michigan.

As for ND and Purdue, not sure here but I will take the better offense for now. Purdue 27 ND 17. If ND can get consistent on offense they can win this game. Might be an exciting game.

Peej said...

keep in mind Purdue narrowly defeated CMU last week.


megawatt miler said...

that is NOT a hard choice

Peej said...

back to the dog topic...i'm going home for the first time since i got to school tonight. i can't wait to see Hank!

Jock said...

With CMU's offense they would give ND a tough time.

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