Sunday, September 21, 2008

A Sunday Recap

It is Sunday night and time for a recap of the weekend's happenings.

First, I have a new camera. Yes, I wanted something between D's small pocket camera and my big SLR. I got a Canon G9. It will almost fit in my back pocket. It can be used on auto or I can manually set the aperture, shutter and ISO. It will be the best of both worlds I hope. Anyway all the pictures to follow were taken with my new camera. Some turned out better than others but I am learning.

After all of my virus problems it turned out somehow something important got deleted from my Photoshop Elements program. That wouldn't be so bad but I gave the disc to my dear brother thinking I wouldn't need it anymore. Not to fear, at Sarah's high school auction I bid and got the newest version of Photoshop. I just hadn't installed it because frankly I wasn't in the mood to learn another program right now. It is now installed and I am learning my way around. I found my familiar buttons but there are many I have never seen before.

So between my new camera and new Photoshop the following pictures are experimental.

We spent Saturday afternoon watching the ND/Michigan State game. It was a disappointment and I think Jo might have had the right idea on how to watch that game. We are young and it showed. Almost all of the offensive line are sophomores so hopefully there are good things coming in the next couple of years.


Next, we headed to everyone's favorite city.


And what was our destination in this fair city? No other than this.


Because of the football game we didn't arrive until the fifth inning. But consider this: This is a team that has now recorded its 16th consecutive losing season and the fourth in a row with 90 or more defeats. There was no hurry to get there early.


Because this is the Pirates, the real highlight of the game is the pierogi race


and the wave.


The real reason we went down to the game was this.


It was the reason we were there and the reason the sell out crowd was there. Let me tell you they did not disappoint.


pnc park, 9.08

They learned their lesson this time and didn't have the fireworks alternating with the band. The band played and then they shot off the fireworks. It was much better this way.


They ended the concert with Free Bird. Fantastic is all I can say. This was the only clip I could find but I hope you enjoy it anyway.

5 comments....porters always have something to say!:

Peej said...

is there a better song in the whole world to end a concert with?

maybe Fred Bear

carriegel said...

if there is i haven't heard it.

Jock said...

Bow season is open here in Wisconsin and the Fred Bear song is playing everytime someone shoots a deer.

curlz said...

Man you get some great music at your ball park! Wow! That would've been great to see!

carriegel said...

i know! we go to baseball games for the concerts. can't wait to see next year's lineup.

the pirates are so bad it is the only way they can fill the stadium.

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