Monday, September 8, 2008

This Is Steeler Country

pittsburgh, pa, 9.08

Yup, there is no doubt about it, this is Steeler Country and after the Lions embarrassment yesterday this may be a better place to be. This week anyway.

Our company has season tickets for the Steelers but they almost always go to customers. But suprisingly noone asked for the tickets this past weekend so we got to go to the game. It was a perfect day. Temps in the seventies, a slight breeze, and the anticipation of a Super Bowl run in the air.

But first we have to get to the stadium. Parking is thirty dollars near the stadium but five dollars across the river with a 20 plus minute walk. Guess what we chose? To get to Heinz Field you first must pass PNC Park.

pittsburgh, pa, 9.08

And for you baseball fans out there here is an interesting fact.

pittssburgh, pa, 9.08

And of course we passed many of these on our walk to the field.

pittsburgh, pa, 9.08

Here is our destination. Our seats are the second row from the top on the left side. If you look close you may be able to see them. I actually like to be that high, well, except for the climb to get there. You don't make many trips up and down. Plus, we are under cover which is really nice when the weather is nasty.

pittsburgh, pa, 9.08

We were feeling a little underdressed.

pittsburgh, pa, 9.08

And now this is when the camera died. Not the whole camera just the screen. Sometimes it comes on and sometimes it doesn't. And for the rest of the day I couldn't get it to come back on. Oh well. But we had lunch at Primanti Brothers (yum) and listened to a live band for awhile. They were really good but I have no idea who they were because for the 20 minutes we sat there they never said their name. It was a local band and they played a more country sound with a lot of guitar. From there it was the climb to our seats and a great game with the Steelers winning 38 - 17. It wasn't as close as the score indicates because the Texans scored twice late when the Steelers had the second string in.

Now while I was enjoying my game I could see by the scoreboard that the Lions fans were having a much harder time of it. This is Mitch Albom's take on the game.

Before a half-empty stadium, in a city that has no expectations, against a rookie quarterback, against a rookie coach, against a team whose former star passer sits in a jail cell, the Lions had their butts handed to them.

"Don't be trying to write us off," defensive captain Cory Redding warned, after the 34-21 loss. "We're good. We just didn't show up today."

Actually, Cory, if you didn't show up, it'd be a forfeit, and the score would have been closer.

All I can say it is going to be a long season for the Lions fans.

But, don't give up hope Michiganders. The state does produce some winners.


5 comments....porters always have something to say!:

Peej said...

i hope that's some insight saying that McCain/Palin will win Michigan
: )

carriegel said...

i hear you. i hope you see three winners in that photo.

Jock said...

Brady got hurt this weekend and now I don't have a team to root for.

I'll just wait for hockey, GO WINGS!!!

carriegel said...

do what i do. root for the lions to lose then you are rarely disappointed.

Alan said...

I would like to contact you about using your picture of the First World Series Sign on the Literary and Cultural Heritage Map of Pennsylvania. Please contact me at

Thanks, Alan

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