Monday, September 15, 2008

Take A Hike, Ike!

I had a weekend recap all set in my head to write last night, Sunday, and then poof it was gone. Gone like the wind. More like a wind named Ike. We lost our power just as I was sitting down to write my blog entry and we didn't get it back until four o'clock this morning.

The most tragic part of the whole night was we were just minutes into the Pittsburgh/Cleveland game. Could you hear the yelling coming from Western PA last night? They take their football seriously around here and losing cable in the middle of the game is not a good thing.

Because we could hear the wind howling outside (50 - 70 mph gusts) and we could hear lots of limbs hitting the roof we decided it might be prudent to go to the basement until the worst of it had blown over. So with candles and a our trusty battery operated radio we sat in the candlelight and listened to the football game.


We both fell asleep during halftime with a score of 7 to 0 and woke up with three minutes left and a score of 10 to 6. It wasn't supposed to be that close of a game but they pulled it out and Pittsburgh is breathing easy today. The wind had died somewhat so we went to bed and woke up to this.


We have branches all over our yard. I don't even want to think how long it is going to take me to pick them all up. D conviently left town today and won't be home until Thursday.


Can you see why I was a little nervous when I was standing outside with Jo last night? Stuff was falling around us and all I could think of was I am going to get hit by something and it was going to hurt.

One of the trees in our backyard.


We got off lucky. We have lots of neighbors with whole trees blown over in their yards including the neighbor to the east of us. But what can you expect when your yard is full of trees?


Come on, Jo, we have work to do!


And now on to my football recap which was my original plan.

I had predicted a ND win by single digits. Final score ND 35, MI 17. I thought it would be a lot closer game than it was. And that's all I am going to say about that. Do we get bragging rights for a year? Of course. But am I going to gloat? Nope. Karma kills.

I predicted a USC win and they didn't disappoint. I said 34 - 14. The final score was35 - 3. Three points? Wow. Maybe MI has a chance this year.

And now on to the Lions. How can you have a 1 point lead with 6 minutes remaining and still lose by 23? I guess if there is a way the Lions will find it, but sheesh. I had predicted a Green Bay win 42 - 7. Final score 48 - 25. At least they put some points on the scoreboard so I guess that is something to be happy about. But to give up 24 points in the last 6 minutes. I am speechless.

And in case my not that much younger brother is having second thoughts about cutting that last thread he was hanging by from the Lions. Heed this advice I found on the Freep's Lion gameday blog.

Replying to Tassiedevil:
I'm relatively new. Have the Lions evr had an NFL quality quarterback, or coach?

New to football, or just new to Detroit?
Give it up now while you still can. DO NOT GET EMOTIONALLY ATTACHED TO THIS TEAM.
Go get a Steelers jersey and rest easy.
09/14/2008 3:35:11 p.m. EDT

Yes, little brother, get a Steeler's jersey and you will sleep much better at night.

5 comments....porters always have something to say!:

Jock said...

We got hit with Ike too, no wind just a lot of rain.

The thread has been cut at least for this year anyway. I'm watching college football now to see who the Lions should draft next year.

I'm thinking about buying some Bears gear so I can wear it around here in Wisconsin. If you mention the Lions around here all people do is laugh at you.

megawatt miler said...

ike ruined my phone.

btw-thats my trusty battery powered radio-it plays tapes too!

carriegel said...

don't leave your things lying around.

Peej said...

Ike got us too :(

it was pouring all weekend. that's not good when you walk 2 miles to work in dress clothes with no umbrella. luckily i have dockers shirts and pants with stain defender, so a lot of the water beads up and rolls off.

JP said...

The Burlington Coat Factory lost power yesterday and I didn't have to go into work.

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