Wednesday, September 17, 2008

What Do I Think?

Yesterday I received this email from Sarah.

Just tried to call you....

Here were the recommendations the dealer called me back with (in addition to the 30,000 service):
-new tires $517 for Yokaham or something like that(extra $100 if I get the kind i have now-Michelen)
-alignment $99.95
-fuel induction service $139
-transmission power flush $159
-rear brake rotor replacement $352

Talked to several knowledgeable people at work about it (the engineers who actually get car magazines). The fuel induction service and transmission power flush are recommended by the manufacturer at 120,000 miles. Did not get a clear answer from the dealership on why the huge discrepancy between the two numbers besides "local experience has shown this is a good idea". So I nixed those.

The rear brake rotor replacment was because they say it has excessive rust. I got a good explanation from engineers here about brakes/rotor setup etc so I understood. Asked them why the brakes were engaging to allow a rust build up and they said they needed lubrication because the brake pads weren't moving fully and the slide pads were sticking. I knew that was part of the 30,000 service I'm getting and said that should fix the problem, then they said that the rust wouldnt wear off with this fixed because the pads would wearr extremely fast in those spots. The people at work said this shouldnt be a problem and if I'm worried about it I can ask someone to look at it the next time I get my oil changed but it should be fine, especially since I don't see any problems with the brakes during operation.

They said I needed new tires because of wear. I called back and asked for clarification and to quantify the tread that was left. It is 4/32'' on both front, 5/32'' on one rear and 7/32'' on the other rear. Then they said they recommended replacement not because they were worn but because they were worn unevenly and looked wavy and choppy and thats what was causing the vibration/rumbling I noticed while driving. I clarified that the only consequence of this might be some vibration while driving but nothing else. Again people at work said I shouldn't need tire replacements except maybe the front tires in a little bit.

So I'm not doing any of it for now. The next time I get my oil changed I might get an alignment or wait a little longer until I actually need new tires and get an alignment then.

What do you think?

What do I think?

You may be blond and think the circuit doesn't include both the switch and the light fixture, you may wash your clothes with no detergent or softner, but no one is going to take advantage of you. Good for you. You are more like your dad than I thought.

7 comments....porters always have something to say!:

megawatt miler said...

haha nothing is safe around you!

i would have paid for attention to spelling if i would have known it was gonig to be "published"...

carriegel said...

forget the spelling, i'm glad you're laughing and not yelling at me.

Jock said...

Tell those people to take a hike. Other than the tires maybe, these people are trying to take advantage of her. If the wear bars are starting to show on the tires then it's time to replace them and once they are replaced I would get the front end lined up.

I agree it's a little early for a transmission flush and as for the brakes, rust will show up on them if the car sits for only a few days. Normally after you use your brakes a little bit the rust will go away.

I would find another place to take my car if I was her.

DirtRoad Charlie said...

Good job, Sarah! It's not easy staying ahead of the scoundrels!

curlz said...

Darn it! Charlie doesn't know of scoundrels yet. Obviously that was her mother's comment.

JP said...

For a second I thought Charlie was ahead of the scoundrels already.

Jock said...

Ole Charlie's pretty sharp.

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