Saturday, September 13, 2008

Cheer, Cheer For Old Notre Dame!

Ah, game day. I do love football. I am sitting at my computer watching the rain fall outside and hoping that isn't an omen for how my day is going to go today. After all, today is the game we have all been waiting for all week......


Yes, it is the University of Notre Dame du lac vs the University of Michigan. Who is going to win this game? Your guess is as good as mine. From what I have read everyone is calling for a close game by two not very good teams. I am hoping for a ND win, but realistically I think it is a toss up. The team who commits the fewest turnovers and mistakes will probably win this one.

The next game of interest is Ohio State against USC. Can the Big 10 repair its national image? They don't seem to fare well against other conferences around the country. Is it now two trips in a row for Ohio for the National Championship? Two trips, two losses. And today will be no exception. I predict a USC win tonight. D and I will both be watching that one.

And now the Lions. Here is a quote I found in the Free Press about the Lions.

Nationally, people think the Lions are irrelevant 364 days of a year. The 365th day is Thanksgiving -- when everybody wonders why the Lions are on TV.

Thank goodness they aren't completely irrelevant because I would never get to see them play. I am so hoping we get the game tomorrow. I may need a pick-me-up after today's ND game. I don't know what my brother has been smoking, but I don't see the Lions winning this game against the Green Bay Packers. From what I have heard Green Bay looked pretty good last week and we all know how the Lions performed against the worst team in the NFL.

There you have it, my picks for the weekend. I am hoping for a ND win, and predicting wins for USC and Green Bay. Let the games begin!

Cheer, cheer for old Notre Dame!

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Jock said...

Where are the score predictions? It's suppose to rain and be windy. I think this will favor Mich just because Clausen is a better passing quarterback than any to the Mich quarterbacks and the weather will limit the passing game. But on the other hand ND grows the grass on the field to knee height to slow teams down because ND lacks team speed and this helps to even things up for them. I agree this game is tough to call without the rain and wind but gets even tougher with rain, wind and 2 foot high grass.

OSU will get blasted out west. They can't handle teams with a lot of speed.

My Lions predictions is based on gut feeling and the fact in the NFL teams play much better at home. If you go by last weeks game this game won't be close, Green Bay will win by 50 points but that is why they play the game.

Just remember even a bad dog has a good day every now and then. That's my hope for the Lions and should be yours with Notre Dame.

megawatt miler said...

oh south dining hall.

its pouring right now but not windy.

i dont think beanie is going to play-ohio state is in trouble.

im on my way down-go irish!

carriegel said...

just watched the first half of michigan state. by the way that game is going, i have to say weather may be the third team on the field today.

go irish!

carriegel said...

nd by single digits.

usc 34, ohio 14

green bay 42, lions 7 and that is being generous

Jock said...

If MSU didn't have Ringer that would have been a real ugly game.

carriegel said...

i'm not looking forward to playing them next week.

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