Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Cookie of the Month

Yes, it is that time again. Cookie of the Month. This month's cookie is Cherry and Chocolate Chip Cookies, a recipe that I found in Bon Appetit magazine. Do I have your attention?

First the stars of this show.


Look closely and you will see a couple of new ingredients for this month's cookie. Cherry liqueur and almond extract, neither that usually appear in a chocolate chip cookie. I know you can't read the cherry container but those little beauties are from Traverse City. I had a choice of buying cheaper cherries from a state that will go nameless but I couldn't do it. I must support the Mitten.

First things first. The butter and sugars must be creamed. While I was doing that I had the cherries simmering in the liqueur. Yum.

butler, pa, 8.08

Next the eggs and extracts are mixed in followed by the flour mixture. Here comes the part I like the best, the chocolate! The recipe called for semisweet chocolate but I used bittersweet chocolate instead. Why? Because I don't like semisweet chocolate and I love bittersweet chocolate. I hope the winner of the cookies agrees with me.

butler, pa, 8.08

And then the stars of this cookies, Michigan cherries!

butler, pa, 8.08

They're looking good, don't you think?

butler, pa, 8.08

I formed them into balls and then on to the oven.

butler, pa, 8.08

Don't they look good? Take my word for it they tasted as good as they looked. I think D agreed too because he had a small container that disappeared within two days.


The part most of you are interested in, who won the cookie drawing this month? We know who one of those boxes is for but the other will remain a mystery for now.

butler, pa, 8.08

Unlike last month, I only picked one winner. I followed all rules of the Western PA Gaming Commission to the best of my ability. Six slips of paper, one winner. They were mailed Saturday so they should be showing up on someone's doorstep sometime this week. Good luck to all and until next month happy munching to this month's winner.

4 comments....porters always have something to say!:

curlz said...

Oops. Someone let the cat out of before you posted. Yum!

carriegel said...

who thought the post office could be so efficient in their deliveries?

Jock said...

Mmm cherry chocolate chip. I would wait by the mailbox for them but I already saw where the little whippersnapper won them.

They remind me of Grandma W's chocolate sheet cake with cherry pie filling. That was some of the best cake made.

Peej said...

dang...those would have been enjoyed by a starving college student

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