Thursday, September 4, 2008

Sometimes I Get the Packages

When I got back from my little business trip with D I found an Amazon package in the pile of mail. I have to admit, I cursed Amazon for messing up an order I had placed with them the week before. I knew I had put Sarah's address down for the recipient and what did they do but send it to me. Now I was going to have to send it over to Sarah. I even let it set there a couple of days before I opened it. Well, guess what? This wasn't my order for Sarah. No, this was a book from my not that younger brother. Look what I have.

butler, pa, 8.08

I have just skimmed through the book and I see many recipes that I am going to try in the coming weeks. Thanks, brother! And my apoligies to Amazon, I should have never doubted you.

2 comments....porters always have something to say!:

Jock said...

My secret is out at least one of them. You asked for a bbq book earlier in the summer that would be good to buy and this is the best one I have found. You will find some of my Sunday Episodes in there and some upcoming Episodes too. I don't follow the recipes word for word but it is a great place to start. I think this is the book I got the bourbon marinaded steaks from.

carriegel said...

oh man, we love those steaks.

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