Friday, September 5, 2008

Here Come the Irish

Yes, it is that time of year again. Football season. I thought for fun I would post my predictions for the weekend. Trust me I know nothing of stats, who is playing, who is injured, or anything for that matter. I am thinking of trying Tiff's (Sarah's friend from Monroe who at one time detested sports) way of picking winners. She was in a football pool last year and based her picks on two criteria. First, she made her choice based on the team with the cutest players. If that was equal then she went to the tiebreaker. She would chose the team who came from the city she would most like to visit. Don't laugh. She picked the most winners last year and won. I'm thinking that could work for me.

First up, the Irish vs San Diego State.


D says if they lose this game, it's over. It can't be over so soon in the season, otherwise we would be called the Wolverines. The Irish by double digits.

I believe the Wolverines are playing Miami of Ohio. I know they can't beat Ohio but they sure better beat Miami or they are as good as done this season.

The Lions, who knows? I am hoping for a loss but preseason didn't go so well. Don't let me down Lions. There are some things in life that one should always be able to count on.

Go Irish!!

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Jock said...

If ND looses this game they will be the laughing stock of the NCAA. Let's not forget Navy.

Even if ND wins it will be hard to judge how good they really are until they play a team better than a high school team. The offense is a big question mark but their defense should be improved with Jon Tenuta as the coach.

As far as these words: "It can't be over so soon in the season, otherwise we would be called the Wolverines" you will regret them in a week or so.

Lou Holtz and Irish football fans should start a optimist club but when you have a bad football team to root for all you got is optimism.

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