Wednesday, December 31, 2008

We Start With Sarah

Yes, our Christmas celebration started the day before we arrived in Coleman. We headed to Sarah's house on Tuesday to meet up with her and Cory. Cory was a few hours behind us so the three of us went to a nice Italian restaurant that is in St. Joe. The food was fabulous. It is cooked to order so you better not be in a hurry when you dine there. Sarah and I were smart and split a meal and it ended up being just the right amount.

I wish I could say this was on Sarah's door but alas it is not. This wreath was on her neighbor's gate. It looked so pretty with the lights and snow on it that I couldn't resist taking a picture of  it.

st. joe, mi, 12.08

Look who is on the top of her tree.


What a pretty tree! One of these days she needs to get her ornaments that are stored in our attic. She has quite a collection. Every year we have given her an ornament representing something that has happened in the past year. Can you guess what what this year's ornament was about?


This is her gift for her future mother-in-law. Didn't she do a good job making it look pretty?


I think Cory was pleased with his new golf balls.


I may regret giving her my old camera.


The next day it was on to Coleman. Stay tuned.

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carriegel said...

i am going to assume that photobucket is having issues because i can't get any of the other photos to copy. i will try and fix this later. it just can't be an apple problem.

Peej said...

Hahaha, I was so confused when I saw the same picture every time.

carriegel said...

i am now on my dell and i am having the same problem. it is showing the same html code for all of my pictures. i will just have to wait and see if they get this fixed.

Peej said...

Well I'm glad it wasn't an Apple problem!

Jock said...

Nice pics, all one of them.

curlz said...

Well isn't that a nice picture?! We shoud know, it's on your blog several times!

carriegel said...

i know, i know

i am trying to fix it.

mickey said...

Aunt Carrie, I'm extremely impressed with your pick for Closing Time, for your music.

It's is a great song.

One my favorites.

carriegel said...

i'm impressed that you actually listen to what i have playing. i'm glad you like it because you be listening to it for the next month.

i love the lyrics of that song.

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