Friday, December 5, 2008

ND vs Syracuse, Part Two

I believe I ended my last post with us leaving South Dining Hall. We were now headed to see the football team. Before the game the team attends Mass and then as a group walks over to the stadium. Everyone lines the sidewalk and claps and cheers as they walk by. When we were in the Basillica I had asked the usher when Mass was and when they would be leaving so we our timing should have been perfect. The usher was mistaken, Mass was earlier than he had thought so we had missed the football team. Oh well, next time.

While Sarah and D headed for the parking lot to get our football tickets from Uncle Phil, John and I headed over to watch and listen to the band on the steps of Bond Hall. They perform all of Notre Dame's traditional songs as well as the music that will be played at that day's halftime show. It is a popular event and usually is quite crowded and today was no exception despite the cold. But as luck would have it we were early for that so we walked over to the Library to pay homage to Touchdown Jesus.


Back to Bond Hall and the band. Did you know the band is the oldest collegiate marching band in the country?


Here is a short clip of the band playing on the steps.

As soon as the band was finished playing we headed over to the Administration building to listen to the trumpets play. I have never seen it so crowded. John and I couldn't even get under the dome. Despite that it still sounded great.


John and I didn't know it but Sarah and D were there too except they had managed to get under the dome. Can you see them in this video?

Various parts of the band are performing in this general area and then regather outside the Administration Building just like us. Another piece of trivia for you, students are not allowed on these steps until they have graduated. Until she graduated Sarah always went in a lower level doorway and would walk up the stairwell to get to the first floor. Graduation has its privileges.


The band regathers and then are led by the Irish Guard and the cheerleaders to the stadium. People line the sidewalks to cheer as they make their way to the stadium.
Even though it was cold there was still quite a crowd.


We walked to the stadium and took up our perch so we could watch the band enter the stadium. Sometimes we can get to the front but no such luck today. Here comes the band!

nd, 11.08

Once the band was in John and D decided to find their seats but Sarah and I decided to stay and watch the rest of the show. The teams will be coming through to do their warm-ups on the field. When the visiting team comes through the Irish Guard stand at attention at the top of the tunnel and the band stands at attention. As the football team walks by everyone is quiet and stares.


All that changes as the Irish make their way to the field. The Guard remove their hats in respect and the band plays the fight song as the crowd cheers. It really is fun to watch. Here comes Jimmy!


Here comes Charlie!


The show was over and Sarah and I made our way to our seats.

3 comments....porters always have something to say!:

megawatt miler said...

your pictures of the band inside by the tunnel turned out way better than mine. i think that is my favorite part of football games.

carriegel said...

me too, i like standing there and watching all the happenings.

Peej said...

ahhh, what a fun experience.

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