Sunday, December 14, 2008

Scrapbooking, Week Ten

Yes, people, this class is almost done and you won't have to look at my scrapbook layouts anymore but until then we are now at week ten. It was all about color this week.

For this layout we had to find three photos with similar colors. We then had to find the four major colors in those pictures. Next, narrow those colors down to three and use those colors in our layout. My four color choices were blue, green, yellow and orange. I dropped the orange and went with the remaining three colors. This is a parade I had been at in Ireland. It was by far the most colorful parade I had ever seen.


We had to choose a triadic color scheme for this layout. I choose green and blue and dropped the orange.


For this we just had to pull colors out of a photo and find paper to match. I pulled green and brown out of the photos and went from there.


That's it for Week Ten. I already have two of the assignments done for this week and will be posting them later. Like I said this class is almost done so I am close to being done torturing you.

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Peej said...

that is a unique daily ritual, that's for sure

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