Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I Need Your Opinions

I am looking for your opinions. I am seriously thinking of asking Santa for a new computer for Christmas. Do I stay with a PC or make the switch to a Mac?

Is this dog too old to learn new tricks?

Wandering around the net tonight I found this person's opinion on this very subject.

The easy answer according to me: Macs are superior in quality of hardware, and design of the operating system. They work very well for me, and for the folks that I support, but they are just computers!

The better question is to ask your self what you want your computer to do. Do you want a nice all around computer to play music, to surf the web, to do your homework, and your banking? Macs will work fine with less headaches.

Do you need to run specialized software that deals with artwork and publishing? Macs.

Do you want to run games? Windoze. Do you want to work with specialized applications in industry to control machines (such as a machine shop), or specific cad applications? Windoze. Do you want to dance with the Devil and dare viral infection, and other OS related headaches? Windoze.

Windoze hands down is the most popular OS on Earth. But then again, using that arguement, there are more insects on the planet than human beings. Which would you rather be?

I think it is fairly easy to tell where he stands. But the question is where do you stand? Let me know, I want to hear your opinions.

11 comments....porters always have something to say!:

Peej said...

Like I said, it takes a little bit of getting used to. However, the iMacs (which you said you would be getting) are more user-friendly than the MacBook laptops. Thus, I think the transition would be easier. Macs give you such a versatile package. The operating system rarely freezes or acts up. Also, the biggest thing I have against PCs is the start-up time for the applications at the beginning. It seems like you have to wait 10 minutes for it to start up, and then when it does start - you have to wait another 10 minutes to use the computer.

I guess I would say get the iMac. They're great pieces of machinery, and it comes in one piece! PCs have a tower and a screen, whereas an iMac is just a screen with the computer inside.

Peej said...


PCs are computers that run Windows!

curlz said...

Mac, hands down. You know what you're using it for -- artwork and publishing. I honestly can't remember it being a huge problem when I switched PC to Mac. And I agree with Peej -- iMac! Michael's is lovely.

Shae W said...


As soon as it's possible, I'm getting one. Like my mom said, you're using it for artsy kind of stuff, and Macs are just better for those things.

Besides, if you can figure out all of those fancy Photoshop things, I've got to believe that a Mac isn't going to slow you down much, if it all.

Jock said...

PC. I have to much software now that runs on windows to change. I also transfer files from work to home every now and then and everything at work is PC. I can't afford to buy all new software.

I don't know where peej gets this crap that it takes a pc 10 minutes to start and then 10 minutes to start an application. Somethings wrong if it does and you can't tell me MAC's don't have their issues too. There is a cost difference too.

Like I said because of software alone I would stick with a PC.

carriegel said...

my computer now takes at least 10 minutes to start and then i don't know how much time to actually get it to run. one problem i think that virus is still lurking and two i am running too many things for the computer i have.

i don't have many programs that i need. just photoshop would have to be replaced. there is a driver for my printer so that would still work.

as long as my photos and music move over i would be happy.

carriegel said...

D wants to know if you still have eight tracks? haha

Jock said...

No 8 tracks but I still have vinyl.

megawatt miler said...

your computer is an exception-it might be the users fault that it is running that way. mine was locking up when you were using it too.

i cant run engineering applications or program with what i like on macs and i wouldnt be able to do homework so that pretty much eliminates ever getting one.

curlz said...

Since brother's issues are software and sharing files with work, you need not worry, right? You already said the only program to be replaced is PS and ... sharing between work and co-workers is non-existent for you. A Mac it is then!

carriegel said...

a mac it is. when i am up at midnight swearing at it when it won't do what i want it to do, you will be getting a call, sister!

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