Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Should I Be Worried?

Today she


found this


under my chair.


Like I said, should I be worried?

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megawatt miler said...

i was going to say you should be ok b/c most chairs have a very high factor of safety but in that chairs case i wouldnt make guarantees.

Jock said...

I would be more worried about the chair falling apart when I sat in it than the dog swallowing a couple of the parts. Dogs have cast iron stomachs and they will eventually process whatever they swallow and leave it on your lawn.

Peej said...

Not if it never gets to their stomach because it's stuck in their throat :(

I'd be worried, but I worry a lot about animals.

carriegel said...

wow, you people took this in a different direction than i was thinking of. i didn't think of her swallowing it because it is so small and really what harm could it do?

no, i am concerned about where it came from. it's not the chair. i bought a new camera (yea!) that i had unpacked in that spot earlier that day. also my computer sits under my desk. or maybe it is just some random screw. who knows?

Peej said...

It just looks like a typical set screw to me. Was it under a recliner?

curlz said...

hey, sister, I didn't go there. never dawned on me anyone would think she ate it. i figured it came from the chair. let dave sit in it for awhile to see what happens.

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