Thursday, June 26, 2008

We're Dirt Road Girls

We spent the day after the party running around on those dirt roads. All I can say is no wonder the babies of the family are so carefree and happy-go-lucky. Lucky or unlucky for Katie depending on your point of view. From hanging out of truck windows taking pictures, photographing cemetaries, and stalking deer from the Mule, life is indeed an adventure for dirt road girls!

We started our day driving around the backroads between Rosebush and Clare. We were looking for nothing and everything.

I take that back. I was looking for the Amish. I find the their culture fascinating. We did spot a horse and buggy tied to a barn door. After that nothing. Nothing that is until we got to Mt Pleasant near Shaelynn's apartment. Yes, in town, we spotted four Amish women leaving a garage sale and getting in their car. Not exactly what I had in mind.

clare, mi, 6.21.08

Our first "find" of the day. Not really sure what the story of this cemetary is all about. Even the internet didn't yield many clues. But it was interesting just the same and a good excuse to stop and take some pictures.

clare, mi, 6.21.08

clare, mi, 6.21.08

This was just too inviting and who knew central Michigan had real hills. For a moment I thought I was back in western PA. We did see a deer with her two fawns so it was a road worth taking.

clare, mi, 6.21.08

From there on to Shaelynn's to see the new kitty and then on to my favorite grocery store. Yes, I mean Meijer.

katie l., meijer, mi, 6.21.08

From there on to Clare to have the best Chai in the state. Actually, the best chai I think I have ever had. Katie and I both enjoyed a cup while my not that much younger sister was content with an occasional sip from K's. Yum.

chai, clare, mi, 6.21.08

katie, clare, mi, 6.21.08

After enjoying lunch we wandered through the gift shop in the cafe. Look what we found! Anyone know the story behind it? A relative perhaps?

clare, mi, 6.21.08

After a visit to a nearby scrapbook store we hit the roads again. Can anyone identify this house?

clare, mi, 6.21.08

If you guessed it was the house near this sign, you would be right.

clare, mi, 6.21.08

Thought I would try one of my photoshop actions (acid effect) on this picture. I'm not sure if I like it or not but it is different and different is good sometimes.

porter farm, 6.21.08

On to another cemetary.

mi, 6.21.08

We visited with a few relatives, staked out a corner for ourselves (Porters like to sit in the corner, you know), and took a few photos.

carla & katie l,, coleman, mi, 6.21.08

cemetary, denver twn, 6.21.08

From there we had to get home. Somebody had to get dinner started. After an excellent beer can chicken dinner we decided to take a walk.

longs, coleman, mi, 6.21.08

But the fun didn't stop there, it was time to go muling. After that we headed into town to get some ice cream. I think by the end of the day Katie was wearing every meal and snack on that shirt.

katie l., coleman, mi, 6.21.08

I have nothing to add to this photo except "Oh, Katie!".

katie l, coleman, mi, 6.21.08

The next dirt road girl. She's still in training but I think she is going to turn out just fine.

katie l, coleman, mi, 6.21.08

4 comments....porters always have something to say!:

Peej said...

what a great post

5 forks...errr 5 pens?

curlz said...

Yeah, you all should have been there or should I say here?

carriegel said...

i will take 5 pens!

Peej said...

i would have loved to have been there. i never knew i liked being around my family so much! however, i was 17 hours away :)

it's too bad i had to miss uncle carl and aunt linda's anniversary though :(

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