Monday, June 2, 2008

Say What?


"Be careful what you say because she writes it all down"


"I'm a Porter, I have to win."


"If I choose a winner that means five people have to lose."


"We're Porters, we always sit in the corner."


"Give me the union busting beer."


"I need my locking differential."


"When you do a lot of things a lot of things can happen."

8 comments....porters always have something to say!:

megawatt miler said...


mickey said...

: [

I miss everyone a lot.

(Joni, sunburn, wow...)

Jock said...

"If I had my lard I would've won."


Peej said...

Genius post :)

JP said...

I love this post. I especially love the picture of Grandpa. The whole thing gave me chills. The quote from Katie reminds me of "Which one is the Coleman team?"

"The red one, hunny" in reference to the Red Wings.

carriegel said...

I forgot about that one. I didn't think of doing a post like this until late Sunday and then I was frantically trying to remember the more memorable quotes. I like Marv's the best.

mickey said...

Do those glasses say Marv's Tavern?

Because that is incredibly cool!

JP said...

Yeah, they were for his birthday.

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