Monday, June 16, 2008

Songs About Rain

The Poets & Pirates Tour is just a memory but what a memory. It was just the two of us this year but a good time was had by all. We didn't get home until 1 AM which made for a short night but it was well worth the loss of sleep.

Things weren't looking too good on the way down to the stadium but the forcast was calling for clearing by 5 so we were hoping for the best but prepared for the worst. We took our raingear just in case it didn't clear. There was no use trying to look cute this year.


We parked on the other side of the river and walked across the Clemente Bridge to Heinz Field. We walked along the river and the parties were well underway. It has become quite a tradition for the concert goers to start tailgating early in the morning and continuing on to concert time.


After a 20 minute walk we had arrived at our destination.


It takes a lot of busses to put on a concert.


We arrived a little after five and so missed the first two acts. Looks like the guy sitting near us missed them too.


Gary Allan was the next act. I have to say I knew more songs than I thought I would. And the weather hadn't listened to the reports because by now it was absolutely pouring. Luckily, it was a warm rain. At least that is what I kept telling D as he gave me that face that asked, "Why are we here?".


S, the Airport boys were sitting right in front of us. The one in the black hat had the same round baby face as you know who. So cute. They loved Gary Allan. They knew the lyrics of all of the songs he sang that night.


Next up, Leann Rimes.


She was very good but she brought the energy of the crowd down. The boys in front of us left for awhile during her act. They didn't care so much for her and frankly neither did some of the crowd. You know things are slowing down when someone starts "the wave". I have never been in the section where it has started. I have to give this guy credit, he didn't give up. But to no avail. People weren't interested.


He later went one section down and stood on a trailer thinking that would help. It didn't. He ended up getting escorted out of the stadium and his girlfriend ended up crying. It isn't a concert until someone is thrown out and someone cries so all was right with the world. Amazingly he reappeared just before Kenny came on stage. We think he may have bought another ticket because when we saw him he was now wearing his t-shirt inside out and was keeping a very low profile. Sometimes what is going on in the stands is as entertaining as what is going on on stage.

As much as Rimes brought the crowd down, this man brought it back up and then some.


He opened with this song. One of my favorites.

Let me tell you the boys in front liked Keith Urban as did the rest of the crowd. He was fantastic! I saw him open for Kenny in Toledo a few years ago and he was good but he was incredible Saturday night.


If you want to see some incredible guitar playing watch the next video. I couldn't believe it when he went down in the crowd. I am sure the security people didn't appreciate it. All I can say is this ain't your grandma's country music!

Now here's a little quiz for you. Can you identify this guy?


I'm waiting......

If you guessed this person, go you!


And guess who was next to play?


Here is is opening song.

And if the crowd wasn't worked up enough this sent them over the edge.

So far my favortie song of the night hasn't been posted,but when and if it does, I will be adding one more song. It was another great concert. No wonder he has been Entertainer of the Year four years in a row. He knows how to put on a show.

And I have one more trivia question for you. Does anyone know how my title, Songs About Rain, relates to this post? S, I will be so disappointed if you don't get this question.

Edited: S was right. It is a Gary Allan song. Ironically, he sang it as the rain really started to come down. Made it memorable that is for sure.

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megawatt miler said...

too easy-gary allan sings it. actually i think it might be my favorite of his. i knew as soon as i saw the title to your post that he must have played.

who were the first two acts you missed?

and that is funny about those guys-so true! they probably would have walked out of leann rhimes too. i think she is good i saw her at the downtown hoedown one year in detroit (oh how i miss that), im surprised people were getting bored.

i also cant believe kenny opened up with that one-thats a little disappointing. how did he enter?

megawatt miler said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
megawatt miler said...

by the way, finish your last sentence!

carriegel said...

she is very good, but just can't match the energy of the guys.

he came up through a platform that raised up from the end of the stage. i could see that one coming.

some local idol winner got to play and luke somebody. i have heard of him, just can't think of his last name now.

those boys were so cute. you would have loved watching them throughout the concert. would have taken you back to your high school days!

carriegel said...

start watching the video at 7:30. you will see his entrance.

btw, you must not have watched the video or you would have known how he entered.

you don't like that song?

curlz said...

I love Keith Urban! Even more than your Kenny. He's on my list of "need to see".

Jock said...

Where's Merle Haggart and Buck Owens, weren't they there?

carriegel said...

just let me say it again, keith urban was phenominal.

megawatt miler said...

its alright, just not a good opening song. i watched it for five seconds to know what song it was...

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