Monday, June 23, 2008

"I'm A Pin Pad Pro"

"You have to be good at something."


No truer words have been spoken my not that much younger sister. As her fingers flew over the pin pad, I was struggling to check out my measly two items and the guy next to me kept muttering, "Meijer sucks", as he struggled to check out.

I can't argue with my sister's words but I have to politely disagree with the man next to me. Meijer is great! If he could see where I shop, he would never complain again.

Look at this:


That's produce, people! Yards upon yards of lovely produce. My selection at Wal-Mart is terrible. I am still paying four dollars a pound for asparagus. I have just a few choices for fruits and vegetables. Blueberries will only be sold in pint containers here in western PA. No five pound boxes for purchase here. Michigan cherries? Forget it.

Here is another aisle that caught my attention.


Yes, you can buy beer, liquor, and wine in the grocery store. I must go to a liquor store for liquor and the beer barn for beer. And for those who really love wine, they go to New York State and bring back wine that can't be found here. So sad, so sad.

Yes, there are many things I like about Western Pa but my grocery shopping choices isn't one of them. I long for the days when Meijer was a short five minutes away.


5 comments....porters always have something to say!:

megawatt miler said...

she cant use an atm either-must be a similar problem.

Jock said...

I hate the self check out lanes and go through great pains not to use them.

I never used an ATM until I moved to Virgina and now I don't use anything but ATMs, as long as I don't get charged a fee that is.

Peej said...

I disagree, I love the self checkouts because I don't like dealing with the people haha.

but it's all the same anymore...

curlz said...

I like to be independent too. I'd rather do it myself and take a little longer. As long as I'm moving, it's all good. It's the idleness I can't stand.

carriegel said...

that explains it! when i visit, there is no time for sitting. haha

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