Sunday, June 8, 2008

My Newest Favorite Things

My not that much younger sister posted an updated version of her current favorite things. Here is my updated list, subject to change in the future of course.

Now, I noticed her favorites leaned heavily toward the food catagory. I have a couple new food obsessions myself. I am still a fan of Stacy's chips but I found something else that I may love just as much. Unlike the other family members, I am not even going to pretend these are healthy. You will not find the word "veggie" anywhere on the packaging. That being said, these is good!


Since I have been back in PA the weather has turned HOT. We closed the house up and lasted about three days before we had to turn this new favorite on. Hoping for a break in the weather on Tuesday but until then this will stay near the top of my list.


My garden is changing day to day. I have plants blooming everywhere. I went to the garden center this weekend and picked out some plants for a pot on my deck. I am loving the color combination. Until fall, my garden is on the list.


Another new food addition. I eat one of these every afternoon for a snack. Believe it or not these are kind of healthy. One cake mix, chocolate reduced sugar is my choice, and one can of pumpkin. Mix and bake for about 20 minutes at 350. Of course, I can't leave it at that so I always mix in half a bag of bittersweet chocolate and some dried cherries. Both health foods I might add. Can't beat the combination of chocolate and cherries. Sweet!


Need I say more about the following picture? Umpire Man doing what he does best this weekend. He is definately on my list of favorites.


Jo was feeling a little left out so I am posting Jo's obsession at the moment. That would be cars. Foreign or domestic. Compact or sedan. Moving or parked. She doesn't care. All she knows is she loves to be in them. If the car door is left open she is in it. I believe she spent a good hour in the car on this visit.


So there you have it, the things I am loving right now. What are your favorite things?

6 comments....porters always have something to say!:

megawatt miler said...

I would like to point out "Umpire Man" made an appearance and then Jo got one too because "she was feeling left out". Did your human offspring slip your mind?

Shae W said...

Don't feel too bad, Sarah. Most people forget that my parents had children before Katie (my parents included).

curlz said...

I thought she was feeling guilty because she left Umpire Man out of our living together in the future plans. It wasn't that she assumed she'd out live him, she just forgot he'd still be here. HA!

carriegel said...

must you remind me of my memory lapses?

Jock said...

Why are all your pictures crooked? Are you drinking again?

carriegel said...

i'm trying not to do that so much but it is a hard habit to break.

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