Wednesday, April 23, 2008

This Makes Me Smile

One thing that I always wanted was a greenhouse. I have always loved growing plants, inside and outside, and a greenhouse where I could start my own seeds and grow plants in the dead of winter was always a wish. Imagine my surprise when the house we ended up buying had a greenhouse.


I really haven't taken advantage of having this greenhouse which is kind of sad when you think about it. So last fall, D and I started fixing it back up. The previous owner had built it from scratch using old wood windows. They were starting show their age so we have been taking them out one by one, stripping the old paint off, reglazing, repainting and rehanging them. We managed to get some windows done before winter hit and now we have started working on them again. The front is done and we have moved to the back windows. After that the roof is next. Fix or replace, we haven't decided.

There is also electricity and I am thinking about heating it next winter. If I can make it weather tight enough I think I may do that. In the meantime, I am going to really use it the way it was intended. I bought some seeds the other day and now have an assortment of flowers started to plant in my numerous flower beds.


Later this summer and fall I hope to have pictures to post that shows all the flowers that I started this spring. Sunflower seeds anyone?


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megawatt miler said...

so is the plant i completely sunburnt healed yet? and can i have it back now?

i promise to remember next time that the sun moves and what is in the shade may not be shade in a few hours....

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