Tuesday, April 15, 2008

This Is....American Idol!

Crikey! Neither Paula or I are yet over Michael's unexpected exit.

So let's start with a moment of silence for our dearly missed Aussie. If there is any justice in this world, the Irish girl goes next! And now on to business. This is American Idol!

Even Ryan is still shocked at Michael's early exit. Tonight's theme: Mariah Carey music. Yuck. If you read my previous post you already know how I feel about this. This could be a tough night for the guys. Now on to a MC retrospective. She has a 5 octave range and five grammys. She also has the most number one songs for a solo artist having now passed Elvis Presley. Wow, I should be impressed but how can I be when I can't even name one of her songs? I can name a Kermit the Frog song but not one Mariah Carey song. This could be a long night.

1. David Archuleta - When You Believe
Before I comment on this week's performance let me say something about last week's song choice. This is a quote from our wide-eyed innocent boy, "This week I had a hard time picking an inspirational song because there were a few I was thinking about, and when I came to 'Angels', something about that song was just so different from the other ones." Maybe it was so different from the other ones because you have been performing that song for YEARS! What do you think? Did he have an unfair advantage last week? I am beginning not to like you, David.

I can already tell by the title this song was made for him and I don't even know it (surprise). I have to say it was fantastic. There will be no surprise exit for him tomorrow night. And by the way, are those leather pants he is wearing? No surprise here, Randy called it the "bomb". You made Paula proud and Simon said it was very, very good. David you are safe.

2. Carly Smithson - Without You
Carly says she was so sad when Michael left. I feel your pain Carly. Especially when it should have been you going home last week. Please don't let me down this week. Hey, I know this song! This isn't a MC song. She covered this song. Wasn't this a Harry Nilsson song? After some searching, I discovered I was right. He had a hit with this song in 1972. I can't remember what I had for dinner last night but I can remember a song from over 30 years ago. Weird. Well, I can still say that I haven't recognized any of her songs yet. I thought it was OK and by the way where is her stylist? The judges agree. They thought it was alright. This could spell trouble for out little Irish girl. I found Nilsson's version of the song so sit back and take a listen and see what you think.

3. Syesha Mercado - Vanishing
She has disappointed two weeks in a row trying to sing diva songs. Will this be three? She is singing an obscure song of Mariah's. I don't know if this will help her or hurt her. Take notes, Carly, this girl looks good! It's OK, I don't know it so it does nothing for me. Randy thought it was a little pitchy in spots. After a lot of rambling Paula says it was "magical". Simon disagrees. He thought it was technically good but something was missing.

4. Brooke White - Hero
This can't be a good theme week for Brooke. But, hey, I know this song! I know she isn't the best singer left in the competition but I just like the sound of her voice. She is just so likeable, sunny and bright as opposed to Carly who is so dark and gloomy. I kind of liked it. Randy thought it was pretty good. Paula is stumbling over her words again and finally settles on "pretty good". Simon it was like ordering a hamburger and getting only the bun. Huh? The others disagree. They say maybe it's only missing the bun. Now Simon disagrees. Ah, now they all agree it is missing something, maybe condiments? Now Paula quips, "Where's the beef?". I feel like Brooke looks, confused.

5. Kristy Lee Cook - Forever
Another unknown song. Look, Carly, another girl who knows how to dress. Maybe she listens to her stylist. This song does nothing for me. In fact, as I am writing this I don't even remember the song she sang. Randy is just rambling and Paula is blown away and, of course, is so proud of her. Simon said it didn't give him chills but she did the best she could.

6. David Cook - Always Be My Baby
Please, please knock my socks off, David. Yes!!! I love it and I don't even know it. Randy said he stood up for the first time this season. I'm with you, Randy. If I didn't have a dog on my lap I would be standing too. Paula says he is the whole package. And Simon? He said it was original and daring. He loved it! David has tears in his eyes. I can't wait to see the video of this performance.

I'm glad I don't have to follow David Cook's performance. Bummer, Jason!

7. Jason Castro - I Don't Want to Cry
Me neither, but I have a feeling your rendition of this song will have me in tears and not the kind of tears I had for David Cook. MC says his take on the song is interesting and different. That can't be good. Oh, this sounds like a boy band song and I hate boy bands. Randy says it sounded like a weird beach luau song. Paula liked it and said she is just proud of everyone tonight (you called that one, Shaelynn). Simon liked it.

Well, who are your bottom three? I have to say the boys were the best tonight which I totally didn't expect. So just girls are in my bottom three. I would like to see Jason there but his fan base is still too strong at this point. So Carly and Kristy Lee are definately there and forced to choose between Syesha and Brooke, I will go with Syesha. My prediction for who is going home tomorrow night is..... Carly. I think with the judges luke warm response to her performance and an eroding fan base she will be next.

And on to the performance of the night. Here's to the one who would have had me on my feet if not for JoJo on my lap. Take it away, David!

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curlz said...

I hope Mariah was paying attention. He did that song better than she ever did. Wow! Am I going to have to go to the Idol concert just to see him?

carriegel said...

I know! I was thinking the very same thing as I was watching him sing last night.

Shae W said...

Scott is a definite Jason Castro fan, but even he has to admit that David Cook just keeps trucking along to win the entire competition. Where has he been? That's what I want to know. He's amazing.

I think the girls are in trouble. The boys are pulling ahead and, possibly, have been for quite awhile.

We're hoping Brooke or Kristy goes home tonight, but Syesha or Carly would be all right with me. I want to like the girls--I really do. They make it too easy to just ignore them with boring performances and weird song choices.

Jock said...

Will this ever end?

carriegel said...

One can only dream that it will never end!

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