Saturday, April 26, 2008

Come On, Baby, Do The ............

Monday is finally here and I know you are anxiously awaiting my song choice for one of my most hated songs of all time. First you should know, because of my old age I couldn't remember who sang this song and had to look it up on Youtube. Shocked would be an understatement when I realized who sang this song. And when I watched the video, let's just say The Village People have nothing on them. Have I got your attention yet?

This band was formed in 1969 in Flint, MI. They named themselves after the Grand Trunk Western Railroad which was a well-known rail line in Michigan. Yes, I am talking about Grand Funk Railroad. In 1970 they earned their second Gold Record with the song "I'm Your Capain". A year later they broke the attendance record set by the Beatles at Shea Stadium, selling out in just 72 hours.

In 1972 they shorted their name to Grand Funk and added a fourth band member. Interestingly, it would have been Peter Frampton but he had just signed a solo record deal and therefore wasn't available. They then came out with this hit "We're An American Band" and then this travesty. What were they thinking? What is more amazing it was co-written by Carole King. What was she thinking?

Not only is it a bad song it brings back memories of a bad date. And that's all I am going to say about that.

Give the song a listen and see what you think. Watch carefully, what is up with that drummer? Look when the time is at 2:30. What is going on in front of the stage?

In 1975 they reverted back to Grand Funk Railroad but by 1976 they had disbanded. They reunited in 1980 minus a band member. They again disbanded with one of the members joining Bob Seger's Silver Bullet Band which already included one of Grand Funk's former bandmates. The latest version of the band is still touring and plays about 30 concerts a year. If those concerts include "Loco-Motion" count me out.

And because I couldn't let you have that song stuck in your head I am going to post a video from the concert at Shea Stadium. This is what Grand Funk Railroad should sound and look like.

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curlz said...

Can't they afford shirts? And what was up with that first video. What the h was that?! I hope they're sufficiently embarrassed.

Anonymous said...

the song is bad enough but when i saw that video i couldn't believe it

Jock said...

Hey you are trashing one of my favorite bands of all time.

I am not sure the song Locomotion is as bad as the outfits they are wearing. I always thought they sold out to main stream radio when they did that song and I remember I hated it when it came out. It is so un Grand Funk Railroad like.

The one thing you fail to mention about GFR is their campaign against drugs and drug use. The were at the forefront of rock bands at that time speaking out against drugs and in my book that don't make them half bad.

If you can find it there is a video out there with GFR and Ted Nugent that is fantastic. I saw it about a month ago and thought I might post it someday. It is kind of ironic because as good as the video is Uncle Ted and Mark Farner did not get along. I thought if those two ever got together they would make one great rock band.

carriegel said...

are you sure they weren't on something when that song was recorded?

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