Thursday, April 24, 2008

How Can I Say Good-bye If You Won't Go Away?

That would be directed at you, Jason. The words came from Andrew Lloyd Webber but the sentiment is all mine. First, you don't even care enough to know what the song is about that YOU had picked. "I didn't know it was sung by a cat". The musical is called "Cats". Duh. Then the yawn last night at the elimination. If you don't seem to care if you are there or not why should we? At least Brooke gives the impression that she cares. Let's just say for once Paula and I agreed on Wednesday night's outcome.

Just in case you missed this week's show, here is MTV's 'American Idol' in 60 seconds.

Next week we will be listening to Neil Diamond songs. If he is half as good as Andrew Lloyd Webber was as a mentor it should be a good show. Take note, AI, bring back ALW next year. Who knew he was so funny?

It has been bothering me ever since I picked David A over David Cook for the performance of the week. So to right that wrong, here is David Cook singing 'Music of the Night".

Since posting this I have found the studio version of this song. They have put it to the filmed version from tv so that is kind of weird. But, it is incredible. If you aren't a fan now, you will be after hearing this.

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megawatt miler said...

you are right, it was worth watching i will next week...

curlz said...

I caught that yawn too and said the same thing. Wow. He needs to go.

curlz said...

BTW -- thanks for righting that wrong. I'm in love. I will never tire of hearing him sing that song!

carriegel said...

if you think that is good, listen to the studio version. i found it on youtube. incredible! amazing!

in fact, i am going to post it. listen, sister. wow! what other adjectives can i think of?

curlz said...

wow! I'm totally gone now. I must have it!

carriegel said...

me too, sister, me too!

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