Tuesday, April 29, 2008

This Is ..... American Idol!

Don't Cry For Me, AI Voters. Yes, I was feeling bad for Carly until I read this interview she did after being voted off.

Carly Smithson is actually glad she became the latest person to be voted off American Idol 7.
“Everybody keeps asking me why I’m not devastated and crying for being eliminated. I’m free to make a record, start writing and all that kind of stuff — be with my husband and hang out in the real world. The Idol bubble is kind of weird,” she told reporters, according to Reality TV World. “I’m actually not that sad to be leaving. I enjoyed every minute thoroughly, but we’re back in two weeks to start preparing for the tour and the finale. So it’s like a small break and I’m going to be back," she said. “I think I made enough of an impact to reach a good fan base and now I just get to be me without a theme night and make a really cool record. I’m excited.”

Well, then let's just move on to the Idols that are still glad to be there, shall we? Barring any surprises, I think I will go out on a limb and predict the bottom two before the show starts. Jason and Brooke had better bring the best they have or they will be sitting at the bottom tomorrow night. And now...... This is American Idol!

Ryan reminds us we must vote, vote, vote or the unthinkable will happen again this week. He says we will be pressed for time tonight. I don't understand, five songs in an hour shouldn't be that hard to fit in. Ahhh, they are singing two songs tonight and there will be two phone lines open per singer. I like this. There should be a lot of good Neil Diamond songs to choose from. I am looking forward to this. First up,

1. Jason Castro - "Forever in Blue Jeans"
He tells Neil D. that he doesn't know the lyrics to this song (surprise, surprise), ooops he has the lyrics for the next song instead of the first song he is rehearsing right now. I think he is one sandwich short of a picnic. What is going on in that head of his? I like this song but not the way he is singing it. His voice just seems weak. It's pleasant but nothing to get excited about. Ryan says the judges will give their opinions after their second songs. I'm not sure I like this. Can everyone keep the Idols and their songs straight? As we soon will find out, the answer to that question is "no".

2. David Cook - "I'm Alive"
This is funny, David is asking Ryan the questions! Neil says he has the material, attitude, and voice to pull off to relatively unknown song choices. I like it, he turned it into a rock song. I don't like this format though. The songs are too short and everything seems really rushed.

3. Brooke White - "I'm a Believer"
I like her song choices. I just hope she can do better tonight than she has been doing these past couple of weeks. Paula's dancing! We all know how she feels about this performance. I thought it was kind of weird in parts but it was OK overall. It is certainly the best she has done in a long time.

Someone is holding up a sign that says her husband has a man crush on Ryan Seacrest. Is that really something you want to tell the entire world?

4. David Archuleta - "Sweet Caroline"
For you trivia buffs, I read an interview with Neil Diamond a while back where he said that this song was written for/about Caroline Kennedy. David is good as always. I'm not sure I liked the arrangement all that much but it is nice to hear him sing a song that isn't a "song with a message". That is starting to get a little tiresome.

5. Syesha Mercado - "Hello Again"
I'm not sure I like this. I keep hearing Diamond's low voice in this and her higher pitched voice just doesn't sound right. Why is she barefoot? I do like her dress though. Cute. Oh my, I am beginning to sound like Paula. Yikes!

Ryan is letting the judges do a quick review of the performances before we move on to the second song. Randy thought Jason was Ok, D Cook was very good, Brooke was better, Archuleta was the "bomb", and Syesha was strong but not amazing. Paula loved the lower register of Jason's first song and now is saying something about his second song. Huh? What is she talking about. She thought he sang twice! Now she is rambling, I give up. Simon thought it was forgettable, average, nightmare, amaturish, and old-fashioned. Simon wants to see their performance of a life time for their second song.

1. Jason Cook - "September Morn"
This isn't working for me. Once he stood up from his stool he looked uncomfortable and awkward standing on the stage. There seems to be no passion or effort from him. Randy thought it was an OK-whatever performance. Paula thought he was playing it safe with his song choices tonight but remember this is the "third" performance she has heard of his tonight. Simon said there was no attempt to make it his own - Sorry!

2. David Cook - "All I Really Need Is You"
I don't know this song but I thought it was really well done. Randy said he rocked the house. Paula is proud of him and she is looking at the next American Idol. Simon thought it was brilliant and he made it contemporary.

3. Brooke White - "I Am ... I Said"
She has the lyrics written on her hand but how is she going to be able to read them if she is playing the piano? I thought it was a pleasant performance. She seems much more relaxed than she has in previous weeks. I don't feel like she is going to have a breakdown on stage unlike last week. Randy says it was a nice job. Paula said it worked. And Simon says this is the Brooke we like.

4. David Archileta - "America"
I thought it was good but I am over the whole Archuleta thing so unless it is unbelieveable he will have a hard time impressing me. Randy says it is another good performance. Paula says it is another perfect song and "I love you, I love you". Simon thinks it is a smart song choice. He ticked all the boxes tonight.

5. Syesha Mercado - "Thank the Lord For the Night Time"
I like this better than the first one but it is still just OK for me. She still isn't wearing shoes, I am not getting that. She is in the zone where Randy likes her. Paula thought it was theatrical and very good. Simon thought she makes a good actress/singer. It is also the strangest show he has ever done. He also thinks she may be in trouble. She just wasn't memorable.

My bottom two, Jason for sure. He shows no energy or enthusiasm on the stage. I think Brooke did enough that her fans will keep her out of the bottom two. If they kept her out last week, I can't see her ending up in the bottom two this week. Syesha will join Jason in the bottom two this week. I am going to pick her to go home. Only because I don't think she has a fan base to keep her in. Jason deserves to go home but I think he may squeek by one more week. Who do you think is going home?

And now for my performance of the night. David Cook has that honor this week. I know the judges liked the second song he performed better than the first but I am going with his performance of "I'm Alive". Agree or disagree?

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