Tuesday, April 8, 2008

This Is .... American Idol!

Can I just say one word about last week's show before I review tonight's show. Disappointing. Disappointed in Dolly and disappointed in the performances. The only thing not disappointing was I correctly predicted who would be sent home. Goodbye, Ramiele! May I never have to look up how to spell your name again.

And now live from Hollywood, this is American Idol!

Ryan says tonight's theme is inspirational songs. This is perfect for the idols. They can pick a song that best fits them and they can really show us who they really are. I have high expectations for tonight, let's hope I'm not disappointed.

Wow, what is Paula wearing tonight? Could it be any tighter?

Now on to the show.

1. Michael Johns - Dream On
I love this song so hopefully this is a good omen for things to come tonight.
It's not as good as Aerosmith but I liked it. I think it is the best performance
he has done so far. Randy thought it was alright and of course Paula liked it.
Simon thought it was a good performance but thinks he makes a better blues singer than rock singer.

2. Syesha Mercado - I Believe
I don't know this song but the judges are saying that Fantasia sang this song. Why does she insist on doing this? Last week Whitney and now this week Fantasia. You can only pale in comparison to singers like that. Randy just agreed with me. He said it was Ok but paled in comparison. Paula is stammering and ended with some nonsense of "most shining night". Huh? Simon thought it was well done but showed no emotion. I think she could be in trouble this week.

3. Jason Castro - Somewhere Over the Rainbow
I know this version of the song and I hate it. After listening to him, I still hate it. I'm sorry but I just don't get his appeal. I must be the only one who doesn't get it because the judges loved it. Darn, I was really hoping he would be the one going home this week.

Commerical Break - Meatloaf! How cool is this? I already know this is my performance of the night. Take it away, Meatloaf!! Love it and he looks really good.

Wow, everything is going to pale in comparison to that. Did I mention that I love Meatloaf?

4. Kristy Lee Cook - Anyway
Didn't Martina perform this last year on the show? It looks like Kristy has found her niche. I thought she did a decent job with the song. Simon said she was very, very good and that she looks like a star tonight. I never thought I would be saying this but I don't think she will even end up in the bottom three Thursday night.

5. David Cook - Innocent
I don't know this song and he is going to have to be outstanding for me to even like it. Uh oh, Paula's dancing. Watch that dress, Paula! I agree with Randy he was just OK tonight. Of course Paula liked it and Simon didn't. In fact, he thought it was pompous and he didn't like the jacket either. Oh well, David should be safe for another week.

6. Carly Smithson - The Show Must Go On
How many Queen songs must we hear this year? This better be good. And who is dressing her? Call Clinton and Stacy, she is wearing horizontal stripes! She is a fashion disaster. Why is she so angry? I thought these were supposed to be inspirationl songs? I don't find this inspirational at all. Randy thought it was Ok. He is beginning to sound like a broken record tongiht. This is bad, Paula didn't feel engaged. Simon thinks she looks good (is he on crack?) but over sang it. She could be in trouble.

7. David Archuleta - Angels
Tonight was made for him. Hasn't he been doing inspirational songs all season? David says he choose a song that has a message. Surprise! He sang it really well, no surprise there. The judges loved it. David is safe for another week.

8. Brooke White - You've Got a Friend
This song is made for her so she should do well with it. I liked it but it certainly wasn't memorable. She just seems to be running out of steam week after week. Randy said it was ...... are you ready for this, just OK. Paula said it was the perfect way to end the evening. But how did she sing, Paula? Simon said it was nice and pleasant.

Bottom three: Brooke, Syesha, and Carly. I would love to see Jason in the bottom three but I don't think that is going to happen. My prediction for who is going home: Carly. I have never liked her and she doesn't seem to be living up to expectations of the judges.

I didn't find any of the performances outstanding so I am standing by my Meatloaf commercial for the performance of the night. But in order to get that awful version of Somewhere Over The Rainbow by Jason Castro out of my head here is the way the song should be sung.

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curlz said...

I love Connie. Dreds needs to listen to her. I think he could learn a thing or two.

Shae W said...

Connie's so adorable.

Are we calling Jason Castro Dreds now? I still love him. I also love that version of "Somewhere Over the Rainbow."

Is it just me, or does Brooke White cry a lot on the show? I'm not sure about that one anymore. I want to like her, but she's starting to become boring. Carly Smithson is throwing me off, too. She was angry... and what was with the excuse about seeing Simon? He's always got that sour look on his face--it shouldn't have affected her whatsoever.

Michael Johns version of that song was GREAT--I don't care what the judges said. I thought he pulled off the rocker thing decently well.

No idea what David Cook was doing this week. During sections, he sounded exactly like the lead singer from Our Lady Peace (who originally sang the song). I found it awkward.

I think Brooke or Carly might be heading home this week, though I really wish it would be Kristy.

carriegel said...

I had heard that version of Over the Rainbow before and didn't like it. His rendition didn't change my mind.

I agree about Brooke. I want to like her again but she is really making it hard. She seems to have peaked with "Yesterday" and has been fading away ever since.

I don't want to see Kristy go this week. She finally did a decent job and I would hate to see her eliminated for that. She seems to be heading up as Brooke heads down. I think Brooke could now go before Kristy. Whoever thought that could happen?

I still think the finale will come down to the two Davids.

Jock said...

I saw the commercial with Meat Loaf tonight when I got home from work and I told the wife that is the best commercial I have seen in a long tome. It is a super bowl worth commercial.

Meat Loaf is suppose to be a great show if you ever get a chance to see him.

Oh by the way Lynyrd Skynyrd will be preforming about 30 miles from here in August. I might have to go.

curlz said...

Where's my update! I can't watch two shows at once, sister! I've been reading through AI blogs and have figure out it's Michael Johns.

carriegel said...

I was waiting for youtube. I wanted Michael John's farewell video. Sheesh.

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