Saturday, April 12, 2008

I'm So Tired

I am so tired. Why you ask? Because we drove to Cleveland last night, went to see Stacy Mitchhart and didn't get back to our hotel room until after 2. We were up by 6:30 so we could be back in Bulter by 10 to get Jo from the kennel. I am not a night person and I am NOT a person that functions well on 4 hours of sleep.

But despite the lack of sleep the concert was excellent. We went to Nashville a couple of years ago to see Stacy play at the Bourbon Street Blues and Boogie Bar located in Printer's Alley. If you are familiar with Carrie Underwood's video "Before He Cheats", that was filmed in Printer's Alley. In fact, if you look close you can see the bar's sign in one of the scenes. It is a great place to watch the blues. It is an authentic New Orleans style nightclub with live blues six nights a week. It has old wood floors, everyone is crammed into every available space and smoke hangs in the air. A thumbs up as a place to listen to music. Last night the venue wasn't quite as authentic. It is just a bar located in a strip mall but the music was great.

stacy mitchhart

Stacy Mitchhart grew up in Cincinnati and now lives in Nashville. To quote Stacy, “I’m a Yankee in Nashville doing the most non-country thing I can do.” There weren't many videos on youtube of Stacy but I did find one of him singing a song called "Homewrecker" which he also did last night. The audio isn't the best but deal with it. I'm tired and don't feel like spending all night finding a better video.

Tomorrow I will be cooking ribs for the first time. If they don't turn out I am totally blaming my brother. Review and pictures to come.

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Jock said...

I have been to Printers Alley in Nashville.

I cooked ribs 5-10 times before I ever got it right but I didn't have anybody to get suggestions from either. I learned from trial and error and watching cooking shows featuring ribs.

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