Monday, March 10, 2008

Who Is This Little Guy?

Who could this little guy be? I will give two hints to make it a little easier for the younger crowd. One, this picture was taken in front of the house he was born in. Two, check those ears!

7 comments....porters always have something to say!:

curlz said...

Shae-baby got those ears! The eyes haven't changed.

Shae W said...

Oh, goodness... I DO have those ears.

Sarah said...

too easy

Jock said...

The whole picture could almost pass for Shae.

It looks like he already had the beginnings of the receding hair line.

carriegel said...

Those ears didn't skip a generation, Shae.

curlz said...

I'm not sure I've ever seen his bare legs before -- not even in any other pictures.

Anonymous said...

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