Thursday, March 20, 2008

Is This The Cool Bike You Were Riding?

I had a different post planned for today but after reading my not that much younger brother's post for the day I changed my mind. I thought you might like to see that "cool" bike he was riding.

And not wanting to leave my not that much younger sister out, this was her preferred mode of transportation.

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Jock said...

Ah, no. That is not a 20" Schwinn with a banana seat and high rise handle bars.

This is where is all started though. If I had never jumped on this bike I doubt I would have ever crashed that beautiful Schwinn bike.

Peej said...

ooo how the mighty have fallen. i got banned from training wheels, and he had a tricycle!?

he told me to take the training wheels off my bike, and then proceeded to push me down a hill to teach me.

carriegel said...

I'm so glad this blog post brought back such happy memories for you, peej.

Jock said...

He fails to mention the part where he was crying his head off pleading for me not to let go. I never pushed him down a hill to learn how to ride a bike I did however push him around the yard with him begging me not to let go. He never knew it when I finally did let go and he couldn't believe he could ride a bike by himself when he found out.

Just thought I would set the record straight for those to young to remember.

Denna said...

This is great info to know.

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