Tuesday, March 18, 2008

This Is..........American Idol!

Let's just get last week's news out the way. Even though I hadn't chosen David to go I wasn't the least bit disappointed. Good job, America. Two, I don't like Reuben's goodbye song. Best Days by Graham Colton was a much better song choice. Now that we have that out of the way, This is American Idol!

Ryan is telling us that the Beatles will be back by popular demand. They announced on last week's elimination show that the Beatles would be the theme again this week. Who had time to demand? Oh well, at least it isn't a back to back Disco week. Now they are showing clips of the Beatles on the Ed Sullivan show. I saw that show! Just let me say, the hair was shocking. Never mind that they were wearing suits, it was the hair that got our attention. We were so naive. If we only knew what was coming.
Enough of that, let's get on with the show.

1. Amanda Overmyer - Back in the USSR
I think this is a good song choice for her. Huh? What song is this? The beginning was all over the place but she found the melody by the middle of the song. The judges want her to change it up once in awhile. I'm not sure she can. But I love Simon's comment, "Your tickets aren't on sale yet". I'm afraid she won't be around for much longer and then she'll have time to worry about ticket sales.

2. Kristy Lee Cook - Hide Your Love Away
She says she picked the song because she liked the title. Wow, I wonder how that's going to work for you. She was better than last week but that isn't saying much. I thought it was kind of boring. She has no energy on the stage. Uh oh, Paula is commenting on how she looks. That is never good. The judges agree with me. I think we will be seeing her in the bottom three again this week.

3. David Archuleta - The Long and Winding Road
I understand that some of his poor performance last week can be blamed on his father. It seems he wasn't happy with his rehearsals last week and ripped him up and down. That will sure help your confidence on stage. Let's hope he can redeem himself this week. Fantastic!! How does he do it? He takes an old song and makes it sound current while respecting the original version. The judges agree. He is going to be hard to beat.

4. Michael Johns - A Day in the Life
I don't know this song. Oh wait, yes I do. I just didn't know it was called that. All I can say is that must have been a hard song to arrange. It sounds a little disjointed to me and the judges agree. He went for the sympathy vote about his friend. Will it work?

5. Brooke White - Here Comes the Sun
I love this song. Another strange dress and it's yellow. I'm not sure this is working for me. Ahh, it was just OK for me. But, how can you not like her? She is just so darn sweet. It should be enough to get her through.

6. David Cook - Day Tripper
I saw Simon on Oprah this week and he said that Chris Daughtry should have won the year he competed but popularity won out over talent. He just said it again, this is a talent show not a popularity contest. Is he trying to prevent an early, undeserved exit? Will this be the year a rocker wins? Can David deliver? He's using a voice box. That's different. I like it and so do Randy and Paula. Simon didn't like it. Doesn't matter, David is safe.

7. Carly Smithson - Blackbird
I am still not a fan of hers but I love the accent. I don't know this song but I like it! I will have to download the Beatle's version and see what the original sounds like. Simon didn't like this either. He's wrong, sorry! I'm starting to like her but enough with the tatoos.

8. Jason Castro - Michelle
He may be in trouble. He doesn't speak French and part of this song is in French. I think it is kind of boring but then again the song is boring. It's not one of my favorite Beatle songs. Jason doesn't like it either. Well, if he doesn't like it how can he expect us to like it?

9. Syesha Mercado - Yesterday
Cute dress. I didn't like it as much as the judges did. She just doesn't excite me.

10. Chekezie - I've Just Seen a Face
He's playing an instrument he's never played before? First, David Cook and now him. I don't get it. Oh well, play on Chekezie. I liked the first half and I liked the second half but I'm not sure they worked together as a whole song. Simon says it reminds him of Achy Breaky Heart. That's not good because that song is awful. Sorry Billy Ray. Despite that I think he will make it through this round.

11. Ramiele Malubay - I Should Have Known Better
She should have. That wasn't very good. And please lose the hat.

I thought this week brought a mixed bag of performances. My bottom three: Kristy, Jason, and Ramiele. Ramiele goes home or at least I hope she does. If nothing else so I don't have to look up how to spell her name ever again. This is an important week because the last ten standing get to go on the Idol tour this summer.

Ryan has just announced that Kelly Pickler will be on the show tomorrow night. That could be interesting.

And now on to the best performance of the night. Take it away, David.

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curlz said...

Kristy needs to go home for no other fact than her reference to one of the greatest bands ever as "Beatles things". It makes you think she'd never heard of them. Then you're no singer! It's going to be tough to beat David A. I don't know if the rocker fans can out number teenage America. They've picked their Idol.

Shae W said...

I definitely agree with Kristy needing to go home this week. Last week was awful and this show was a bit better, but it was only by a bit. No personality whatsoever.
I'm kind of saddened that David Archuleta is so far ahead of everyone else right now. He's a cutie pie, but I think there are several other people who are doing quite well (David, Carly, Jason).
Personally, I think real problem with the awful nature of the show was that they did another week of Beatles music. I think it stifled the contestants.

carriegel said...

I wasn't happy with another Beatle's week either. There is so much other music to choose from, why repeat.

David A will be tough to beat. I think he may be the best singer but I am not sure he is the most marketable. Where does he fit in? I see him more like a Michael Buble. I see David C selling more records, at least for the short term. I am not sure if he will have long term success.

And please explain the appeal of Jason. I just don't get it.

curlz said...

Hey, sister, where are the results? Who left tonight? I can't keep up with Survivor and Idol at the same time.

Shae W said...

Amanda Overmyer (crazy rocker chick) left, Mom.

The appeal of Jason Castro is somewhere in between his very pretty smile and those VERY pretty eyes of his. He's just so geekily charming, I can't help myself.

I think he'd be a cool sort of indie artist. If we're going who's going to be the most marketable, I think it'd have to be David Cook.

carriegel said...

Wow, did I get that wrong. I had Kristy in the bottom three and that is all I got right. Carly in the bottom three? I couldn't believe it. I liked her song this week. I wonder what that was all about. I wish Amanda could have toured this summer.

I like my guys smart and Jason seems as dumb as rocks. Sorry. Isn't he the one who flunked his music class in college? David C does crossword puzzles in his spare time. The eyes are just not enough for me.

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