Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter 2008

After reading my not so much younger brother's post about his Easter weekend, I have a lot to live up to. I originally was going to post just pictures but maybe I better add a little commentary to go with them.

First, let me say this is the coldest Easter I can remember in a long time. We had snow on the ground Saturday morning. What is up with that? But by today, Sunday, the sun came out and it ended up in the forties. It was actually quite pleasant.

Cory and Sarah arrived Thursday evening. We have lucked out by living half way between St Joe and Philly. It is a 6 hour drive for each which isn't too bad if it is a long weekend. Sarah arrived first and Jo was beside herself. Sarah said she had never seen her wag her tail so much. When we got her she never wagged her tail so this was a quite a change from 6 months ago.

Cory arrived not much after Sarah and Jo wasn't too sure about him. She has issues with men. I can only assume that her days in the puppy mill were not pleasant and that has led to her fear of men. At first she barked and barked at him. Eventually, she decided she would stand a few feet from him, run at him, bark once, and run back to her distance of perceived safety. Finally she decided she would just stay at a safe distance and keep an eye on him. All day Friday she followed him around and would sit and stare at him. If Sarah was sitting next to him on the couch she would sit on her lap and stare. Cory found it a little unnerving. But by Saturday she had decided she liked him. Now if only he would actually let her sit on his lap she would be one happy dog.

Jo has enjoyed her first Easter. She even received her first Easter basket. Have I gone too far? Should dogs have Easter baskets?

Sarah and Cory enjoyed spending some time together and even found time to go to a movie Friday night. Sarah also spent much of her time "attending" class and doing homework. That actually worked out for Cory because he is a big basketball fan so he was free to watch the games without feeling too much guilt. Sadly, Notre Dame lost.

The weather was so nice today that we decided to go outside and take some pictures of Cory and Sarah before he left to go back home. Poor guy! He was a good sport and actually went along with some of our ideas. Some of them turned out really fun.

Cory is now on his way back home. Sort of. He has been calling with updates throughout the evening. There is a problem with his radiator hose and he now driving 50 mph and having to stop and refill the radiator every so often. Sarah leaves tomorrow, probably after I buy her lunch. Then things go back to normal for awhile.

I hope the Easter Bunny was as good to you as he was to us.

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curlz said...

Very nice pictures!

Jock said...
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Peej said...

the easter beagle didn't bring me any candy this year!

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