Tuesday, March 25, 2008

This Is.........American Idol!

It is that time of week again, American Idol! We are down to the ten touring idols. I got it wrong again last week with my prediction of who would be going home. I didn't see Amanda Overmyer going that much farther in the competition but I didn't see her going home last week. She will be missed if only because she brought something different to the table.

D is watching with me tonight so this could be interesting. Despite my protests, Ryan has yet to change his hair. (D, I don't like him.) And Paula what is with those gloves? Is this a new trend that I and the rest of the country aren't aware of?

Ryan declares that there is a "special vibe tonight". Oh, Ryan, from your mouth to God's ears. They will be singing a song from the year they were born. There should be lots of songs to choose from so maybe there is hope for that special night.

1. Ramiele Malubay - With Hearts Alone
I understand that the first singer has been the one who ends up being eliminated so this isn't good for Ramiele. I kind of liked the beginning but I felt like by the middle she was just shouting. Randy agrees and says it was too big of a song for her. The judges keep emphasizing that she is sick but Simon thinks she will get thru. Maybe the curse will be broken this week.

2. Jason Castro - Fragile
It's his birthday! Happy Birthday, Jason! He says he is an Aries but isn't sure how to pronounce it. Wow, he may have "pretty" eyes but is there anything else in that head? I'm not loving this song. Last week he sang in French and this week it was Spanish. I think he should just concentrate on singing better in English. Randy and Paula thought it was just nice and a safe choice. Simon didn't like it, sorry! Jason says he was sloppy and maybe should have practiced more. I don't get it. This is American Idol. If you aren't going to give it your best effort why should we be bothered with voting for you? Just asking, Jason.

3. Syesha Mercado - If I Was Your Women
I don't like this kind of music so it doesn't do anything for me. The judges loved it so I will take their word for it.

4. Chikezie - If Only For One Night
Chikezie says he followed his heart in choosing his song this week. Let's hope his heart knew what it was doing. I don't like this either. It is the kind of music you hear on the radio in the middle of the night to put you back to sleep. And guess what? It worked. Paula was the only one who liked it. (D, ha!) Simon wants some personality. I think this may be his personality which means he is in trouble.

5. Brooke White - Every Breath You Take
Did she just start over? Wow, I don't think I have ever seen that happen before. D wants to know what is wrong with her hands. I agree, maybe strange lighting? It was ok. I like the beginning the best. The judges agree and think it was alright. Simon says it is good enough to get her through another week. Go, Brooke!

D is gone. No more insightful commentary from him. He will be missed.

6. Michael Johns - We Are the Champions
Hasn't he done Queen already? He must really like them. Hopefully it will be better than the first attempt. The girls love it. And I like it but then again I like Queen. Simon says he got it right and is the best of the night so far.

7. Carly Smithson - Eclipse of the Heart
I like this song and I think this is a good choice for her. The ending is kind of strange. Paula loved the ending and Simon didn't think it worked. I would have thought she would have done better with a song like this. She's safe but she isn't separating herself from the pack. She is going to have to do better than this if she wants to win.

8. David Archuleta - You're the Voice
I have never heard of this song and it sounds like the judges haven't either. He sang it well but it didn't do anything for me. Simon says it sounded like a theme park song and he doesn't think he chose the song. Ohhh, was dad behind this song choice?

9. Kristy Lee Cook - God Bless the USA
The heartland will love this song but how will it go over in Hollywood? Wow, she sang it well. The judges think it was a brilliant song choice. I don't think she was the worst tonight. I actually think she will make it through.

10. David Cook - Billie Jean
Stop mumbling Ryan, this is about the fifth time I couldn't understand you when you announced the song they were singing. That's ok, I am sure I will recognize it when he starts singing. Nope, this doesn't sound familiar. I really like it but I don't know the song. Did they just say it's Billie Jean? I didn't hear that. I will have to go back and listen to it again. Paula is on her feet and the judges loved it. Simon says, "Amazing!". I agree and think he might just win it all.

Well, what do you think? Who was your favorite? For me, David Cook. Picking the worst tonight is a little harder. I am putting Chikezie, Jason (sorry, Shae), and Ramiele at the bottom. Chikezie is going home tomorrow. Let's see if I get it right this week.

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megawatt miler said...

Billie Jean!!!! Are you crazy??? The King of Pop!

carriegel said...
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carriegel said...

I've heard of it, I just didn't recognize his version of it.

curlz said...

Oh, you've heard Billie Jean but never done that way. It was actually brilliant. As I said in Sarah's blog, it's going to be tough to beat the Davids. I have to agree with the judges on David C, he's the best all around talent. Last night's performance -- Wow. To remake that song the way he did was amazing. I gotta stop, I'm sounding like Paula -- besides, my hands are cold (what was with those gloves!)

Shae W said...

I have to say that I think David Cook is pulling away from the rest of the Idols with rapid speed. It's going to be hard for anyone to keep up with him.

I'm slowly falling out of love with David Archuleta. He's still got a great voice, but he's just not very dynamic. He's a bit twitchy for me, too (once he's finished with the song). The deer-in-the-headlights look can be cute for only so long and I think his cute time might be over.

I can't figure out what Jason Castro is doing. The judges keep telling him to change it up and he doesn't. I haven't fallen out of love yet, but I'm confused by him.

JP said...

I'm not the biggest fan of American Idol. Actually, not a fan at all. I thought the Queen song was good but that David Cook took my favorite Michael Jackson song and remade it into my favorite acoustic sounding kind of song. Not only was that creative on his part, but he sounded amazing. I had chills. Probably because my window is open though.

carriegel said...

I totally agree with everything you said, Shaelynn. I thought David A was the one to beat but no more. I think it is David Cook's to win. Can't wait to see what he does next week.

I am also glad you are starting to see the light about J. He just seems lazy and willing to do the minimum to stay. We (you) deserve better!!

Jock said...

It took me a while to figure out what song he was singing because it was so different. I like his version better than the original.

If you put a band like Journey behind that version with a little metal that would make a great power ballad.

Jock said...

By the way that Johns guy ruined that song.

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