Tuesday, March 11, 2008

This Is ....... American Idol!!

Yes, it is true I am a huge AI fan. So from now until May I will have a Idol recap on Wednesdays. For my loyal readers who aren't fans, three months and it will be over. Let's get started.

They will be singing songs from the Lennon and McCartney songbook. What could be better than that? And of all things last Friday night I attended a concert which featured a Beatle's Tribute Band. That band has been playing Beatle's music for over 24 years, which ironically is longer than the Beatles played together. They were excellent so let us hope tonight's singers do half as well as they did.

1. Syesha Mercado - Got To Get You Into My Life
When Paula starts out by saying you look good you know you are in trouble. I agree with Randy. It was just OK.

2. Chikezie (what no last name?) - She's a Woman
I don't know the original but he certainly brought a lot of energy to the song. The judges loved it! Uh, calm down, Ryan.

3. Ramiele Malubay - In My Life
I love this song, please don't ruin it. Uh oh, Paula commented on her looks too. I agree with the judges, she brought nothing new to the song.

4. Jason Castro - If I Fell
What's with the flower in his hair in the intro? Paula feels his heart. I just feel hatred for his rendition. I can see why he failed his music class.

5. Carly Smithson - Come Together
Just to be fair you should know I am not a fan of hers. She has had her recording contract and failed. Move on and let someone else have a chance. With that being said, she did a good job. The judges loved it.

intermission - Can't Fight This Feeling Anymore from Horton Hears a Who. Love it!!

6. David Cook - Eleanor Rigby
I like him but don't think he can win. I liked his rendition, Randy and Paula liked it and Simon thought it was brilliant. Yea! He should make it through to next week.

7. Brooke White - Let It Be
She is my favorite girl. She won't win but I am rooting for her anyway. This is my favorite Beatle's song, please don't ruin it. Love the song, hate the dress.

8. David Hernandez - I Saw Her Standing There
I don't like him and won't be sorry when he goes. Good the judges didn't like it and neither did I. Now go away!!

9. Amanda Overmyer - You Can't Do That
Her hair matches her pants. How strange. And just a side note. Wear a helmet, you're a nurse you should know better. I thought it was good and the judges loved it. Oh, now the judges are bickering!

10. Michael Johns - Across the Universe
In the intro he is wearing a t-shirt advertising vegemite. Just a word to the wise, that stuff is nasty! I think he was good enough to get through to the next round.

11. Kristy Lee Cook - Eight Days a Week
Country? Could be risky. I didn't hate it as much as the judges. But what do they know? They liked her country version of Faithfully last week and I hated it.

12. David Archuleta - We Can Work It Out
I have been waiting for him all night. He is my pick this year to win it out. Did he really forget the lyrics? Oh no! He didn't work it out. No worries. He will make it through to sing another day.

All in all a good show. My prediction for who is going home tomorrow - Ramiele. I don't think she has the fan base to keep her in it especially with that weak performance. Sorry!

And I shall leave you with my favorite performance of the night. Actually I liked three so I decided to pick the performance that also included my favorite song. Take it away, Brooke!

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JP said...

Ahhh... I love that song. She did it amazing. Even though I am not an American Idol fan I would vote for her.

Shae W said...

I am also a huge AI fan, so I will definitely enjoy these recap blogs!

Though I enjoy Brooke White, I have to say that David Cook and Jason Castro might be edging her out in my favoritism.

carriegel said...

David Cook was my other choice for video. I like him too and he seems to be getting better every week.

curlz said...

Do I have to give up my AI card membership if I admit that I didn't realize my Kady girl must've been ousted last week. See, the problem is the only show that truly gets my undivided attention is Survivor. If Kady's gone than Brooke's my girl now.

Peej said...

Well, I guess for the next several Wednesdays, I will be skipping over your daily post. Reality TV = Gag!

Jock said...

Football, baseball, hockey, now thats reality TV at its best.

Shae W said...

I can't say that I was sorry to see David Hernandez go.

carriegel said...

Me either. If I had gotten to chose who was going to go it would have been him. I really thought one of the girls would go first. Sometimes the voters get it right.

Sarah said...

i noticed the vegemite thing too!

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