Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Last summer we had five dead trees cut down in our yard. They were all by the sand mound (septic system) and had died because of the dirt being mounded around them. We paid around 800 dollars to have them dropped in the woods and stumped. By all accounts, according to our friends, that was dirt cheap. Well, we had forgotten one that was in the back corner of our lot so we called them again to come out and cut it down before it came down on our house. This summer's quote, $125. Much to D's chagrin I even said to the guy, "That's all?". So much for my negotiating skills.

Yesterday was tree cutting day and unlike last summer I was around to watch. Last summer they came while we were on vacation. We even had to call to find out what we owed them so we could send them a check. We must have looked trustworthy when he came to give the quote.

Here is the tree early yesterday morning.



Here he is getting started. That's a big tree.

butler, pa, 8.08

I hope this tree is going to fall where he thinks it is.

butler, pa, 8.08

The second cut.

butler, pa, 8.08

A job well done. The tree fell where it was supposed to. That's always a good thing. I couldn't believe the noise when it hit the ground. I could feel the ground shake from where I was standing. In fact, it was so loud that the groundskeepers from the golf course came over to see what was going on.

butler, pa, 8.08

Now on the other half of the tree. This time they tied it off to make sure it went where they intended which was right on the lot line between our house and the house next door.

butler, pa, 8.08

Be careful, buddy, my greenhouse is just a few feet from where that tree is supposed to land.

butler, pa, 8.08

Will it land where it is supposed to?

butler, pa, 8.08

There is goes, and yes, it did fall right where it was intended to.

butler, pa, 8.08

That was one big tree. Good job, Thoma Tree Service.

butler, pa, 8.08

And here is Jo showing what that tree looked like laid out on the ground.

butler, pa, 8.08

On a happy note everything went as planned. On a sad note, quite a few trees on our lot are dying. We had wanted a some dead branches cut out of some of our trees and the guy said don't bother, they're dying. Seems the heavy equipment brought in to build the house damaged the root systems of quite a few of the trees. He said evidence of root damage shows up about 5 - 10 years after a house is built. We are right on schedule. He said it could take up to another 10 years for them to be completely dead. I told him I hoped he was wrong, but if not we would be calling. Bummer.

Just want you to know that today when I was cleaning up some of the small sticks out of the neighbor's yard I was stung again. That would be number four for those of you that are counting.

Tomorrow we are going downtown to watch the Pirates. The exciting part is what is happening after the game. REO Speedwagon will be performing. Who cares about the game? Not me, it's all about the music tomorrow night.

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Jock said...

Who gets the wood from the trees?

curlz said...

It's a surprise. Check your mailbox in a few days ...

carriegel said...

haha. the neighbor's son heats with wood so he is more than happy to come cut it up and take it away.

JP said...

Looks like Jordan should take lessons from that guy.

megawatt miler said...

what a baby

Peej said...

i hate cutting wood.


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