Sunday, August 10, 2008

And The Winner Is....

Before we get to that maybe a review of the weekend is in order. The weather was absolutely beautiful. In fact, more than once, D said it felt like fall. He was right. It does feel like fall. And I, for one, am not complaining.

Saturday we took our bikes the state park and biked the bike path. It was completely redone last year and it is so nice. No bumps. It follows Lake Arthur's shoreline for about seven and a half miles. So in and out it is about a 15 mile ride. I love that bike path. Then the afternoon was spent working in the yard, church, and then dinner at Sibas. I can hear Sarah now saying, "No fair". I had lobster mac and cheese. It was excellent.

Today D went back to the park but I stayed home to bake COOKIES. Yes, those cookies that someone is going to find in their mailbox this week. I am warning you right now there are a few walnuts in them so if you are allergic, too bad. And just to let you know, freezing the brownie bites worked. They came through the mixing process in chunks this time instead of large crumbs. Score one for me.


Don't they look good?

This afternoon I painted the stairway to the upstairs and D worked in the garage. I have to touch up the paint in the new bathroom and I figured if I am going to get the roller out I might as well make it worth my while. I have been putting off painting the stairwell because of the gymnastics involved but no more. I have it all cut in so all that is left to do is roll. This week sometime. We just have to get light fixtures and the bathroom will be done. I will post pictures on that happy day.

Then on to dinner. It was a repeat. Ribs. Excellent.


Before I get to the winner I have a little mystery that needs to be solved. When we moved to Butler two and a half years ago we decided we would subscribe to the Pittsburgh paper and only the Sunday edition. Pittsburgh is like Detroit in that they have two daily newspapers. I picked the Post-Gazette for no good reason. Honestly I was only getting the paper for the coupons anyway. So for two plus years every Sunday morning the Post-Gazette is at the end of my driveway. Except this morning. This morning the Tribune-Review was at the end of my driveway. That would be Pittsburgh's other daily paper. Why? I have no reason why that paper showed up in my driveway this morning. And no, I didn't get the Post-Gazette. It will be interesting to see what paper shows up next week.

And now on to the only reason you have read this far. The winner of the Cookie of the Month is.......


You really didn't think I was going to tell, did you? Nope another mystery in the G household. I assume the person who receives this box will let the others know they are the winner this month. It goes in the mail tomorrow so I expect by the end of the week someone will be happy.

Bon Appetit!!

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Jock said...

So I should see those cookies about Wednesday eh?

Did you cook the ribs in the oven or on the grill? Either way they look good.

carriegel said...

both, first in the oven and then on the grill for bbq sauce. and a rub the night before.

Peej said...

hmmmm....well it couldn't of been sarah, she would know if she was allergic to nuts. also, i don't think it could be her brother or sister for the same reason...and it's obviously someone involved in the blog since she said that everyone would hear about the winner via blogospace...


carriegel said...


curlz said...

I bet it is me. No one but my sister knows if something can go wrong (like a few walnuts) it's gonna be me that's gonna die from it.

BTW -- I got poison ivy in SanFran. See what I mean?

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