Friday, August 8, 2008

On the Move

Our local cable station bought the lot next door to their offices so they could expand their parking lot. Unfortunately a house was in the way but fortunately they were willing to sell it for a dollar to a buyer who was willing to move it. Our friend Rob's dad as a young boy had been in the house and, in fact, had been named after the origianl owner. Rob couldn't take his dad downtown to watch the house being moved so he asked D if he could do it. He was all over that. What could be more fun than watching a big brick house being moved a couple of blocks to its new home?

And it is a BIG house.


It's on the move. Look how the tires are flattening as it goes over the curb.

butler, pa, 7.08

butler, pa, 7.08

I don't think I would want to be that close to a moving house.

butler, pa, 7.08

It is almost on the street.

butler, pa, 7.08

There it goes! Looks like D wasn't the only one interested in watching this house being moved to its new lot. Do I see someone under that house. Crazy man!

butler, pa, 7.08

It's now coming around the corner. It even has a greenhouse attached to it. Impressive.

butler, pa, 7.08

Wow! You don't see that every day.

butler, pa, 7.08

That's all I have. They ran into a snag that stopped them for a bit and then D had to go before they got it moving again. But rest assured the house made it to its new spot safe and sound.

3 comments....porters always have something to say!:

Jock said...

Was there any TV cameras there? I am wondering if we will see this on the TV show Mega Movers.

carriegel said...

i know that the pittsburgh station was there. the moving company has a website where they show some of their jobs. the name is on the side of the house.

curlz said...

Of course the name of the moving company stood out to me -- it's Wolfe, spelled with an "e" like a couple near and dear to us.

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