Friday, August 1, 2008

Ribs Revisited

My not that much younger brother gently reminded me the other day that I had never written a post about our rib-out on the Sunday of Baby John's graduation. Truth be told, I kind of forgot about it. But, better late than never so here ya go, brother.

Of course, as any rib expert knows, the preparations begin the night before.



And the next day this is what we had. Looks good so far.

ribs, coleman, mi, 6.08

Now the rest of us had a graduation to go to so we left this cast of characters to keep things under control until we could get back. Things may not be looking so good now.

dave g, marv l, chris p, coleman, mi, 6.08

Take a closer look. It all rests on their shoulders. If things go wrong, it will all be their fault.


With tears in our eyes we made our way back to that dirt road house and the real reason for getting together that day was about to begin. Since the guys seemed to have things under control the girls decided to partake in some fun of their own.

carla l, coleman, mi, 6.08

sarah g, coleman, mi, 6.08

sarah g & katie l, coleman, mi, 6.08

Hey, I thought he was cooking ribs. I see a camera in one hand and a phone in the other. That would leave NO hands left for tending to those ribs. I can't see any good coming of this.

chris p, coleman, mi, 6.08

Ahhhhh, I see Marv has everything under control. No worries!

marv l, coleman, mi, 6.08

chris p & marv l, coleman, mi, 6.08

marv l, coleman, mi, 6.08

There are no words left to describe this smiling face.

carla l, coleman, mi, 6.08

I'm speechless so on that note I will continue this tomorrow with part two.

6 comments....porters always have something to say!:

Shae W said...

I LOVE that last photo. :P What a geek!

carriegel said...

lol, i just added another picture. i don't know if i prefer that or her hand.

curlz said...

Must've been pretty bad if you had to turn it into black and white.

Peej said...

oh jeez. i like how everyone was more excited for the ribs than graduation : P

Jock said...

I was just thinking about this again two days ago and thought old age must have caught up to you.

I thought the reason we went to Michigan that weekend was the ribs. We went to graduation just because we happen to be there.

megawatt miler said...


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