Sunday, August 31, 2008

We Are Losing The War, The Last Who Was Standing Has Fallen

Sad but true.

Just to recap this has been the wasp summer from hell. Just last week D was stung for the fourth time. I should say fourth incident because one of those times involved numerous stings.

I was four I believe. Until this morning that is. I was walking Jo in the yard and saw that some of the mulch under one of the trees had been scattered out onto the grass. Being the good gardener I am I kicked the mulch back where it belonged so it would look neat and tidy. That was a mistake. I stirred up a wasp nest in the mulch and Jo and I were being swarmed by very angry wasps. Of course I start speaking in a louder voice than normal and try to pull her away. We get maybe 20 feet away and they are still attacking and I ended up getting stung. Now I am yelling about that because it hurt and still trying to drag her away from that tree. Then she yelps so now I know she has been stung but she is looking at me like I did it. I drag her another 20 feet and see one of them is one her back so I took the end of the leash and start hitting at it hoping to knock it off of her. She thinks I am beating her so now she is cowering on the ground. She has some abuse in her past so this is not a good thing. Eventually we made it back in the house where it was safe.

By the time it is over I have been stung and she has been stung at least once if not more. She thinks I have now been yelling at her, stinging her, and beating her. The result of all of this I am sitting here at my computer and she is DOWNSTAIRS with D on his lap. She never is with him if I am anywhere around. Of course, he is taking full advantage of this situation. Jo, would you like a treat? Jo, would you like to sit with me? Jo, would you like to go for a ride in the car? Watch out, D, I will win her back.

And just for the record this one sting has hurt more than the other four combined. I am now at five. D at four. Jo at one. Would anyone else care to join our party? We love to share.

On a brighter note, New York Strips on the grill tonight with my not that much younger brother's marinade. D loved that one. Tomorrow, pork wrapped in bacon, another D favorite. Stay tuned because my cookie review will be coming next.

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megawatt miler said...

haha. maybe thats what you should do the next time i have to babysit. then she wouldnt mope for two days.

Peej said...

i got stung the other day in the grandparents' driveway. i was talking to grandpa out there, and all of a sudden i got stung right in the left hind quarter.

Jock said...

I don't think I have ever been stung by a hornet but yellow jackets, now that is another story.

As far as cookies go let me say this: Oatmeal blueberry cookies. Fantastic and gets a 5 out of 5 in my book.

Oh I didn't forget about the cookies you sent me either. I was going to do a post about them (I even took pictures) but I was way to busy to do it. The only post I did in two weeks was my Sunday Dinner post and only because of contractual agreements to host, produce and direct that series otherwise I may not have gotten that one done either.

As you can see I have much more time this weekend.

carriegel said...

you? it looks like everyone is sitting on their computers today. what gives?

curlz said...

I just got home and am trying to catch up. Doesn't look like things are moving too fast except for the college students. Count 'em, there's five. How cool is that?!

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