Monday, August 11, 2008

That Hurt

It has been a rough couple of weeks in the G household.

It started about two weeks ago when D came in the house and asked if we had any benadryl. Why you ask? Because while he was mowing the lawn he had gotten stung by a hornet on his calf. Ouch. And to top it off we didn't have any benadryl. Why would we? Allergies aren't an issue at our house and we rarely get sick. His leg swelled nicely and itched for a few days but he recovered and life went on.

Not a week later he was mowing the lawn again and ran the mower over a wasp/hornet's nest. This time he wasn't so lucky. He got stung at least half a dozen times on his leg. Again. But lucky for him I had bought some benadryl that week "just in case". Why tempt fate? I figure if I buy it we will never need it. So much for that theory. Poor D his leg swelled up something terrible and itched like crazy. And to top it off he had to deal with the side effects of the benadryl. Poor guy.

Now last week I was in my greenhouse and guess what? I got stung. He got just a glancing blow on my hand but it stung enough to get my attention. It really didn't bother me until a couple days later and then itched like crazy.

Fast forward to this past Saturday, I was in the garden and felt that familiar sting on the back of my leg. Yes, I had gotten stung again. I have gone years without nary a sting and now I have been stung twice in the past week.

Now we are at today. I am doing my usual walk, listening to the radio and thinking how much my leg is itching and cursing that wasp in my head. And guess what? Do I need to spell it out? I got stung AGAIN. This time right next to my eye. It must have gotten caught under my glasses and clearly wasn't happy about it. So now I have forgotten about my itchy leg and am now walking down the road holding my eye and cursing this wasp out. I figure I have two days before my eye swells and starts itching like crazy.

Two weeks and five encounters with these stinging creatures between the two of us. What are the odds? August has not been kind to the G household this summer.

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JP said...

They are probably all from the nest that was destroyed by the lawn mower... revenge is sweet.

Peej said...

Kill 'em all. I hate bees.

curlz said...

I'm with peej. Get yourself some good hornet killer and have a hay day!

Jock said...

We always located the yellow jackets nests around our place after someone got stung. Boy those things can put a hurt on you.

We also kept a few cans of hornet and bee spray on hand.

carriegel said...

dave has taken care of the nest he ran over with the mower and i found another one in the mulch sat.

my eye has started to swell and itch. :(

curlz said...

Welcome to my world. Can you still see though? The losers from last week would still like some cookies!

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curlz said...

What? King Arthur and now Bee Sting cure. All I can say is you're on your way sister! Watch out p-dub!

megawatt miler said...

i havent gotten stung since we lived on borgess.

and how do you attract these random posts?

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