Saturday, February 21, 2009

You Scare Me Too

My not that much younger sister wrote a blog post today that sounded familiar. Why you ask? Because I had seriously considered posting this weekend on the same subject and question. Reading her post brought to mind a conversation we had had via email earlier this week. It went something like this,

Me: oh, quilt lady, what kind of thread should i be using?

Sister: Thread. I like cotton threads not polyester. Do you have a Joann's? Gutterman is a favorite.

Me: i always buy gutterman. i like the spools truth be told.

Sister: Sometimes you scare me. I buy Gutterman because of the spools.

Ohhhh, scary. Are we twins separated at birth? Is there some mysterious connection between the two of us? Or maybe it is just that Joann's doesn't have that many thread choices (and the spools are cute) and we have the same blog ideas because we read the same blogs? It is just one of life's mysteries.

The thread conversation came about because a package arrived in the mail this week that contained this.


Some day those blocks of fabrics will be turned into this quilt called Me Plus You.


I love the colors and it just makes me happy to look at it. As soon as I get my taxes done I will be starting this happy little quilt. I will post pictures of my progress once I get started.

2 comments....porters always have something to say!:

curlz said...

I love the colors! We'll see who finishes first!

Jock said...

I don't know much about quilting but I can tell you the best way to do your taxes in Turbo Tax. It took me less than 1 hour from the time I started the download to the time I finished my taxes. That includes filling the long form, capital gains, and 1099's from outside income. The state form took me less than 15 minutes. With Turbo Tax you get to e-file for free so you don't have to print out all the forms either. I got charged $20 to file the state form, which is a ripoff since it saves time and money on the governments part, but I still didn't have to mess with printing and mailing. I should also mention I got both my returns back within 2 weeks.

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