Saturday, February 7, 2009

This Will Be My Last Post

on this subject. Sadly, football season ended last weekend. It was a strange season for me. I live in the city where the new Super Bowl Champions live, yet I follow with great interest the team in the city where I used to live and whose team went winless.

I can live with that but what I can't live with is Matt Millen being touted on NBC Sports as a football analyst. Every time I see him on tv spouting his "knowledge" of football, I have an overwhelming urge to throw a show at the television. Well, I can't do that but the local NBC station in Detroit has found a solution to this vexing problem. Read the scroll at the bottom of the screen to see how they dealt with football "analyst" Matt Millen and NBC Sports. It was pure genius.

It will never end for those poor Lion's fans. Not only are they subjected to sport's analyst Matt Millen, they also have to endure this Lion's commercial.

What I really found funny was some of the comments left by some of the youtube viewers.

"Believe in Now! Again."

"I think the shot of the empty stadium is from next years week 1 game!!!! They took a time machine to get that shot!"

"It's fitting that Schwartz walked out to an empty field. This may not change come opening day due to the most incompetent and belligerent ownership in the history of the NFL. Thanks a lot Ford, you douchebag."

"I'm still on board. Go Lions."

"My poor lions."

This comment pretty much says it all.

"dont make a commercial just win a darn game!"

See you next football season. The Lions can only go up from here and the Steelers have no where to go but down. Maybe they will meet in the middle.

7 comments....porters always have something to say!:

jporterGOP said...

Sadly, this is what we've come to expect from both NBC and the Lions - they will always be losers.

From Olbermann to Mariucci, from Matthews to Martz.

carriegel said...

i thought the scroll was funny but on the other hand they are a news organization. aren't they supposed to be neutral? oh, that's right. we live in the obamanation now. there is no such thing as just reporting the news as opposed to making the news.

Jock said...

NBC neutral? Yeah right.

Don't put Mariucci in the losers category he wanted to make changes that Millan didn't agree with that is why is was fired during the season.

Millan tried to run the Lions like Al Davis runs the Raiders and it doesn't work. They both want to control everything the team does right down to calling plays. Remember Millan played for Davis and that's where he learned it.

Jock said...

Oh I should add regarding NBC being neutral Obama just added Jeffery Immel, the CEO of GE, to his economic team. Do you know who owns NBC? If you said GE you would be right. Now tell me there isn't multiple conflicts of interest going on here right down to who will get the defense contracts the federal government hands out.

Anonymous said...

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