Sunday, February 15, 2009

Can I Just Say I Am Tired?

We are back home safe and sound but exhausted. We left for St. Joe Thursday and arrived in time to meet Cory and his family for dinner. We then made our way to Notre Dame to watch a little basketball. They were playing fifth ranked Louisville and Notre Dame had a seven game losing streak. The final score was 90 - 57. That would be 90 - 57, Notre Dame. Yes, it was a huge upset and an exciting game to go to. The 33 point victory was the largest ever against a league opponent. I went to bed too late.

We spent Friday gong from wedding appointment to wedding appointment. We looked at three reception venues, one rehearsal dinner option and met with a florist. The reception will be at one of the three choices we looked at. It will be either a tent, the South Dining Hall or a former ballroom (downtown) that is beautiful. She has two weeks to make up her mind. After that we drove up to St Joe and had dinner and then back to Sarah's for dessert. I went to bed too late.

Saturday we drove home and then went with our friends to a dinner/dance. The real attraction was the band that was playing. It was a Beatle's tribute band that was quite good. It was a lot of fun but I again went to bed too late.

I have spent today trying to catch up. Needless to say I am tired.

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curlz said...

So apparently it's not me then as I am always exhausted after having spent time with you.

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