Sunday, February 1, 2009

Are You?

Beverages. Check.


Snacks. Check.


Who am I trying to kid? Snacks. Check.


A big-screen HD television featuring my favorite Steeler. Check.


The most important item of all. Check.


We're ready. Are you?

6 comments....porters always have something to say!:

jporterGOP said...

I be ready for some footballlllll...first it's Church, though. I'm starting my sample of Churches to see which one suits me. I'm starting with a Christ the King Lutheran, and then a St. Mary's Catholic. I think I'll decide between those two. Any suggestions?

curlz said...

Campus churches? Can't say as I have ever heard a bad sermon. At least that was my experience just a few years ago at Ferris and the Catholic church by campus.

carriegel said...

do you mean specific churches or differences between lutherans and catholics?

specifically, i don't know. generally, lutherans and catholics aren't too far apart. the lutherans broke away from the catholic church because of theological differences, i just looked up an article and it summed it up nicely by saying catholics believe in the authority of the pope and lutherans the authority of the bible.

i know it took us two years here in pittsburgh to find a catholic church with a priest that we really liked. so take your time looking around. there is no right answer. just pick what fits right for you.

your aunt is right about campus churches. they tend to put the best people there for obvious reasons. in fact, the priest at our church is also the campus priest at slippery rock. he was waving the terrible towel last night on the alter if that tells you anything about him!

good luck with your search.

Jock said...

Do you realize your favorite player is from Southern Cal? Can this be possible if you are a Notre Dame fan?

I am rooting for the Cardinals today because I am tired of big ben the drama king.

carriegel said...

big ben is a drama queen and for the record i am not a fan of his at all. they adore him here in pittsburgh but i don't think he is as good as they think he is. but troy p is the real deal despite the fact he is from southern cal.

jporterGOP said...

I agree, Troy P is the read deal.

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