Wednesday, February 25, 2009

All The Way From Chicago

I had planned on doing my Dinner or Disaster review tonight but something else came up. Or should I say flew over from Chicago? D flew to Chicago yesterday and came back this afternoon. After he landed he called me and said he had a surprise for me that he was bringing back from his Chicago plant. Whatever could it be? As soon as he got home I went straight to the pocket of his carry-on bag and pulled this out.


Do you know what it is? Here is a closer look.


It's another paczki! When he was visiting his plant he noticed a box of leftover paczkis from yesterday. For some reason he had remembered all of the whining I had done about the lack of good paczkis available here in Western PA. Being the good husband he is he brought one home for me.

What kind? He didn't know and I didn't care, it had to be better than the one I had eaten the day before. I cut it open and this is what I found.


It was an apple paczki. But the real question was would it taste the way a paczki is supposed to taste? Score, it was excellent! Chicago knows what they are doing over there. Even Jo agrees. She has been sniffing around the pocket of that bag all night long. I guess next year D is going to have to plan a trip to Detroit or Chicago so I can enjoy a paczki for Fat Tuesday.

4 comments....porters always have something to say!:

curlz said...

You celebrated Fat Tuesday and Fatter Wednesday! I am so envious!

carriegel said...

i'm still celebrating today. i only ate half of that apple paczki yesterday. yum.

jporterGOP said...

I had a cream cheese Paczki and then a custard one. I love custard.

carriegel said...

custard or lemon are my favorites.

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