Friday, February 27, 2009

American Idol

I hadn't planned on blogging about American Idol until they were down to 12 contestants but nothing much else is going on right now so I decided to start earlier than planned.

First, let me get you up to speed. Hollywood week is over and we are down to 36 hopefuls. Groups of 12 are competing each week with 3 going through to the next round. When these rounds are done we will be left with 6 girls and 6 boys. If you are any kind of math whiz you will quickly realize that 3 moving forward and 3 rounds equals 9. There are 3 wild card spots that will be filled with the judge's choice. I suppose they will choose 3 that they feel should have been voted through and weren't.

Round One: That was last week and you missed it and I am not going back. Too bad.

This week was Round Two. With 12 performances one would think that at least half of those would be memorable but you would be wrong. Out of the 12 I only thought 2 were really good and one was just plain fun.

One girl, one guy and a third guy or girl will be voted on by the viewing audience to go through to the Final 12. This is my pick for the girl who will be going through to the final 12. Her name is Allison Iraheta and she is singing Alone by Heart.

I don't remember 16 being like that. I do have to say her pre-interview by Ryan was horrible and based on that I didn't have high expectations for her. I'm still not sure if I am a fan of hers but she can sing.

This is my favorite guy of the night. It is Adam Lambert singing Satisfaction by the Rolling Stones.

As for the third pick to go through I really don't have a clue. No one else really stood out so I will just have to wait until I watch the results show later tonight to see who it is going to be.

Though I don't think he has a chance of going through, I have to admit Nick Mitchell, aka Norman Gentile, was the most entertaining act of the night. Nick is is real name but he sometimes performs as his alter ego, Norman. The fun part is you never know who is going to perform. Tonight it was Norman and it was just plain fun though Simon didn't find it amusing.

So what do you think? Do you think my choices are good enough to go through?

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Shae W said...

I remember that last guy going through auditions and thinking that if he'd just sing normally (without all the extra flashy stuff) that he might actually be decent. I think I still feel that way.

I'm actually trying really hard to not watch Idol this year. It has a way of taking over my life.

megawatt miler said...

i liked them the best too

carriegel said...

well they went through so you should be happy

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